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Warsaw Pact Poster

The Moscow Pact is Unsoc's Organization of Allies. With Moscow Pact, Unsoc's allies can help eachother focus attentions to big issues in Uncycloceania, and fight against those fighting against party activity such as the brotherhood, and UNATO.

What is being the benifit of being pact member? Trade of currency is free and not one-sided. Members can move freely between organizations to seek help and recruit members. Members of the Airstrip Pact will also get forum space at UNSOC's official website, free currency exchange, and admin account for the leader.

Current Pact Members

  • The Grue Army
  • The Nofu Aristocracy
  • The Cow Moo Cult
  • The Uncyclopedian Anarchist Party

Hello fellow pact members! What is this secret Nofu? How is communism? Let the cows go with you... - Sir FSt. Yettie (talk) (>>) [07:02 30 June]
Nofu is a group run by Ggarfield - it's like the other groups except it seems to be completely closed outside of a few select Uncyclopedia members that he selects. I have no idea what the hell they do, though. ~ Tophatsig 30/06/2008 @ 13:49

ДИДЯCHф-CфMMUИISM! --Evil Pi, founder of UNAP 20:20, 12 August 2008 (UTC)

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