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edit Lyrics

The legend lives on from Boston on down,

in the host that they call techie med'ya.

The host that is said,

to never give up its dead,

when the skies of the net turn so gloomy.

Lindsay Lo-han was taken from the shores,

where the Lord was proclaimed as Max Goldberg.

The territory is a bone to be chewed,

when the tales of Lord Bauman hold true.

The woman was pride of the Connery side,

made with the love of mud brick and adobe.

As website go it was bigger than most,

and that's when the tales turn true.

Using dual terms from a couple of firms,

when the water mark was placed where empty.

And later that night when a man rang the bell,

The forces had gathered with fury.

Former enemies were now made as friends,

as long as that woman stayed up there.

4chan, sa, newgrounds, and the dogs,

were standing together with fury.

500 members had joined on that day,

to the forums of Eric the Bauman.

Spamming and hacking ran rampant that day,

and the wreck of the Bauman was Herald.

The elder of Baumans tested his might,

he asked for the help of Lord Goldberg.

Max was happy to quickly reply,

He tried to call of the attack.

Nothing could stop this unbeatable force,

they tried and attacked til eBaum had failed.

And from then on and down,

that should have been found,

to be the last days of eBaumsWorld dot com.

After his base had crumbled from his feet,

he tried his best to make a return.

The force had broken to their previous founds,

Bauman had nothing to fear.

He picked up his peices;

He started again.

But theivery was still a staple.

edit Credits

Lyrics: Jocke Pirat
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