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A steward(ess) is probably the most important person in the Satiropedium process next to the Critic and the Writer. The purpose of the Steward is to approve articles which have been critically acclaimed as good, then move them into the mainspace. Seems simple enough, right? Well, it's pretty much that simple except there are a few rules you need to follow:
  1. Do not approve articles that have not gotten under 60 points from any which review
  2. Do not approve articles which have gotten only one review
  3. Do not approve articles which have gotten only one reccomendation
  4. Do not approve articles which you yourself do not think are decent.

Other than that you have free reign over the decision.

edit Other Given Optional Duties

As stewards, you can also control whether users can join the Satiropendium effort or not based on their requested job and what you know about them. If they are new, give them the job, but monitor them.

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