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These are the people that make Satiropendium the best project it can be.

edit Writers

The guys authorized to make the articles. These guys are the best writers that a wiki can offer. Classes: Poet, Playwright, Author, Reporter, Proofreader, Compendiac (writes standard encyclopedia articles)

Username Pseudonymn Class
Ljlego Not Defined Compendiac
Mitch 1 2 Mitch Proofreader
TheLedBalloon Not Defined Compendiac
Uncyclopedian Adam "Wannabe-Compendiac" Uncyclop Proofreader
One-eyed Jack Not Defined Proofreader & Poet
Cainad Not Defined Proofreader
Savethemooses Not Defined Compendiac

edit Critics

He who criticizes. Critics here are meant to be very strict and tough, so that only the best articles can make it through. Classes: None, so there's no space on that for the table.

Username Pseudonymn
Uncyclopedian Uncyclopedian the Uncyclopedian
Premier Tom Mayfair Premier Tom Mayfair
One-eyed Jack Not Defined
Insineratehymn Insineratehymn the Wise

edit Stewards

Those that hold the key between finished and not.

Classes: Administrative (with ability to clean up the deletion queue and remove poor pages when/if the wiki starts), Standard

Username Pseudonymn Class
Enzo Aquarius Enzo Aquarius Administrative Steward
High Gen. Grue High General Grue Administrative Steward
Jocke Pirat Jacques Pirat Administrative Steward
Mitch 1 2 Mitch Administrative Steward
Tom mayfair Tom Mayfair Standard Steward
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