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So that the articles come out the best, you're going to be needing to get real tough on articles, but open to suggesstions. The biggest rules of being a critic for satiropendium are:
  1. Be good.
  2. Be tough.
  3. Be thourough.

If you can be all these things, you will be a great critic for satiropendium. If you can't, well, you won't be the best thing since sliced bread. Stewards might even be granted permission to ignore your opinions should this happen.

edit Your Template

Satiropendium demands that you be thourough. Because of this, we've rejected the old Pee Review template. It is not specific enough to help you do your job the best you can. As a result, a new template was furbished here:

ELITE REVIEW COMMITTEE Article Reviewed by Member: Unsigned
Humor 20/20
Concept 10/10
Formatting 10/10
Prose and Mechanics 10/10
Illustrations 10/10
Completeness 10/10
Coherency 10/10
HE Rating 0/10
Reccomendation Yes
Total 60/70
How's my reviewing? Let me know by flling out a report in my Reviewer's History

As you can see, it has many more fields and it adds up to many more points than the standard template. Use it well.

edit Other notes

  • Don't back down if there is another critic who took your review. Write an additional review for them so they can see any other things that they need to improve.
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