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DRPK Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il

Look at them bicker like idiots!

If you were expecting another page, the page was voted as too controversial, and thus it was deleted and redirected here.

The Demilitarized Zone is a page created for the archival of articles whose controversy outweighs the value and practicality of keeping the article in question. In order for a page to be introduced into the Demilitarized Zone its page length in KB must be outweighed by the amount of controversy in KB. Controversy counted towards its demilitarization can be located in both the talk page of the article and forum topics that may ensue.

Rules for Demilitarization

  1. Candidates for Demilitarization must be voted upon here. 50% or more of voters must vote in favor of demilitarization.
  2. KB from images on the flamewars and the article in question do not count towards their demilitarization KB. However the markup to display the image is counted for on the articles side. Images added onto flamewars are not counted.
  3. Pages marked for demilitarization will be deleted, redirected here, and protected from user edits. The length of the controversy KB as well as the number of topics sparked due to it will be posted under the articles subheading to be made as an example.
  4. Users who participated on either side of the flamewars will get the DMZ template(proposed one shown below) on their main userpage.
  5. Further controversy over demilitarized pages will be promptly deleted.
  6. Demilitarized pages cannot be brought back unless another vote to bring the page back shows 2/3 or more are in favor of restoring the page out of the votes there, and all parties in the manner agree to not flame over the manner anymore. This includes any User(not IP) that actively participated in the war with 2 or more posts.

This user has contributed in a way to cause a page to suffer demilitarization.

Thus it should be noted that this user has overreacted to a simple joke by closing their mind, and has disgraced our dear leaders. Please stay out of this users way in future flamewars to prevent future demilitarizations, and thus help keep Uncyclopedia a better place.

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