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edit Jiten-sama

Scientific classification
Kingdom Rohan
Phylum Phyle could not be retrieved
Class Yes
Order No
Family Kitten
Genus Hello Kitty
Species Extinctous Specious
Binomial name
Garfield felixosaurus
Primary armament Bad breath
Secondary armament Scratching
Power supply Fear of fear
Health 4500^3
Mana \sqrt \infty
Strength 4500^3 JJEP (Joules per Jet Engine Power)
Intelligence Intel inside
Weight 7560 Lb.
Length (9'5)-(90'5) Ft
Special attack
Conservation status
Dodo Alert Level I

this is me, pre-coffee.


this is me, post-coffee


me, finding out that nobody with a power level over 9000 can join Mensa

edit credibility of this article

BE-lieve it!

edit Early life

 pretty normal

edit now


not normal

edit death

in sevenn dayss I HAVE SEEN THE END!

edit species

some kind of humanoidish thing.

edit odd abilities

-the ability to catch bullets

-a whole bunch of other things

-the ability to make my hair go golden for some reason, gain inhuman strength, and make a huge freaking laser beam. i call this ability SUPER S.uper A.nnoying I.llogical A.nything N.ything that starts with n. just pissed me off and im a gonna---KAMAHAMEHA!!!!!!!!!!

edit notes and achievements

edit edit -inventor of the kamehameha, chidori, sarcasm, badass cats, nintendo, the internet, the word 'shadowrealm', and Liechtenstein

-awarded the tin cross in the great war of 2010

-has held the world championship title of Supreme Monk Saiyan Guy for the world championship of 'ninja' for 3 dynasies and running

-was the world champion of rock paper scissors lizard spock in 2011

-has seen the end

-co-creator of the ruby cube, the eco-friendly time machine, the rubber band, C4D news cast, etc.

-has been diagnosed as 97% positive for geek. note: also, jiten's dead body is worth 5550$, he can survive 59 seconds after kicking a bear in the balls, 1 minute and 49 being chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor, is 2% effective as a human shield, can take on 33 5-year olds, 34 90-year olds, could last 110 days in his own home, 11 hours in his freezer, is wanted DOA in somalia, iraq, libya, and antarctica.

-has separately been calculated at 50, 78.3, 77.55, 100, 94, 82, 39 and 91% likelihood of surviving the zombie apocalypse.

edit power level

ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit blood pressure

ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit heartbeat

ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit iq

ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit gpa

ITS UNDER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit kd ratio

ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit placing on leaderboard

ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

edit how many fingers am i holding up?

ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



pretty badass, right?

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