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Arsecakes is a popular game amongst young, ASBOed Britons, Al-qaeda terrorists, members of the Neo-Nazi party and most Uncyclopedians. It involves editing Wikipedia articles, and generally pissing off members of the public. Since it's descovery in 1862, many different variatons have popped up, and the game is just as popular as it ever was.

edit The Game

As previously stated, there ase many variatons of the game, of which are described below:

edit Arsecakes: Original

This game was invented in 1862, with the creation of the Oxford Encyclopedia of Engrish, which was created for foregn immigrant workers. Upon purchasing a copy as a present for his Irish gardener, a child (possibly Oscar Wilde) noted that almost all the refrences in the encyclopedia were extreamly badly written, and remarked "They might as well all say "Arsecakes"!". From that moment on, a new game was formed, with bored children crossing out the refrences in their parent's dictionarys, and scrawling "Arsecakes" above them.

Now in 2006, we have much more sophisticated and subtle methods of playing the game: going to Wikipedia and editing the articles so that all of the links are in the form:

Link words

Good eh?

edit Arsecakes: American

Just Arsecakes: Original, but with Asscakes instead.

edit Arsecakes: Random Shit

This is just Arsecakes: Original, but with random words instead of Arsecakes. Only n00bs play this version

edit Arsecakes: Lee Green

Invented on the 18th of May, 2006, by 18-year-old Lee Green, this involves editing articles to say random stuff that is only worthy of being in Uncyclopedia (Most of them involving the person, Lee Green). What this has to do with editing the links, no-one knows.

edit How To Play

What? It's preety bloody obvious!

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