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edit Why?:Can't I think of anything to put on my user page?

Ah, Uncyclopedia! After a long day working, nothing could be better than to log on and just browse. Featured article looks good; so does UnNews. Things are looking up. Plenty of things to read and do. Pages and pages of comedy gold, full of pictures, jokes and blue links. How could anything spoil this perfect moment?

edit Agh! But wait!

Red links
The source of all my problems...

Is that what I think it is? Like a link, but red? Can there be such a thing? Apparantly so. But it's a link to my user page! Why is it red? Oh the shame! It must be corrected! Here we go...

edit Image?

This isn't too bad: I have a blank canvas to work from, can put just about whatever the hell I want and, umm, yes, those things. Okay then, time to put on some user page things, such as, well, things one might choose to put on one's user page. Well then, I should begin. With my writing. Of things. On my user page. To make it a blue link. Not a red one. Yes. Quite. I should probably start with things I like. How about an image? Here goes...


edit One ban later

Al Gore
If this isn't a Gore image, I don't know what is!

How the fuck was that an 'unacceptable image'? It's perfectly fine! The kind of thing you'd look at on the internet. Why would anyone choose to ban it? Shock image? IT IS NOT! Gore image? IT IS NOT! Pornographic image? IT IS N-... Well, at least it isn't a copyright violation? Damn.

edit Template?

Lots of people have templates on their pages. This one looks nice!

Oh, but I like this one too!

Both are so similar. Well, probably. Probably the same thing.Probably should've listened in history.

edit Just text?

Well then, here goes. User:Jesus C, edit and click in the writing box. Ahem.


In all fairness, this is harder than I thought.

I am user J-

No, too predicatable. And anyone on my page knows who I am. It says at the top. Crap. Backspacebackspace...

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