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edit Sarah Palin announces she'll tell the truth about Obama

Boston, Massachusetts, 25 April 2010

Today Sarah Palin announced she will tell the truth about Obama. Palin has been active in the "tea Bagger" party for some time now, and has often critized Obama for "raising taxes" however since real news outlets such as cnn, MSNBC, and everyone else except for fox news have proved that Obama actually lowered taxes for 97% of Americans Palin has decided to critisize Obama's real mistakes, so she issued this quote today.

decided i did tell truth debt about problems real and tragic, that are real and causing mischeif today. For example we have rising debt growing like grass spring summer in yet taxes lowering obama is.

Palin downsyndrome like Trig which, roughly translated means I have decided to tell the truth about the things Obama is doing wrong, for example we have a debt that is rising everyday, and yet Obama is lowering taxes instead of rasing them. Clearly we need to think about the future of America. When Fox news heard about this speech they issued this quote

we literally shat in our pants" Glenn Beck, Bill O'reilly, and Sean Hannity announced they had to hire a new crew of writers, because the ones they had previously hired were so used to lying they couldn't figure out how to include truth into their scripts.

In light of this new revelation the tea party patriots changed their name from "tax enough already" to "tax enlightnment already" they gathered outside the white house in protest of Obama lowering taxes with signs saying "greedy jew? how about greedy Muslim? TAX US MORE! President Obama has yet to issue a statement about these protests, but random rednecks joining the tea party patriots said that this is the biggest outrage since them thar immigrants took er jerbs.

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