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The majestic tumbling of the majestic tumbleweed. How majestic. How very majestic.

A Tumbleweed, (also known as a Tumbleshrub) is a strange creature, sustaining itself only on dust. Their mating habits are unknown, but thought to be restricted to deserted locations and requiring the presence of a cowboy.

edit Lifecycle

edit Birth

When born, young tumbleweeds are called tumblesprouts. Tumblesprouts are only two inches tall at birth. However, they enlarge once they meet a prosperctive cowboy. The tumblesprout swears on its tumblers to to meet the cowboy again when the time is right. This is an example of what scientists call a presuppositonal symbiotic relationship.

edit Adolescence

While they wait for the cowboy to find a deserted location, the tumbleweeds spend their time learning to tumble. Tumbling may appear obvious to a human, but can any humans do it? Yeah. I thought so.


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