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Black man please.

“Im not into bondage, for fuck's sake.”
~ Jebend on bondage
“O rly?”
~ O rly owl on Jebend's quote
“Ya rly.”
~ Jebend on O rly owl's question

About Me



George Bush doesn't care about black jesus.


Ken Snyder and John Bult are both equal legends in beastiality films.

For the record, I do NOT like bondage, regardless of what is said in the local press. I do not agree with any kind of BDSM, or gay rape.

Black Jesus

I strongly believe that the son of God was of African origin. He was also hung like a donkey, and was down wit' dat shit.


I do not support either the BNP or the KKK in any way shape of form. Black people are really great. I love immigrants.


Shebbery Shitbrick

“Hitler was a great man.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Jebend's "Shebbery Shitbrick" section

Barry Q Haemorrhoid

Jews are aight! Boy I love de Jews. Me so me so. AHHHH SOOOO.

What is the dealio?

Want to know what the crack is? Well I'll tell you what it. It turns out that I have the almighty all-loving Herpes. Now, I didn't ask for said Herpes but it turns out that this is the case.

So what's the problem?

I didn't think you could get Herpes from animals. I heard you could get Herbies though (Rabies STD).

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