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Black man please.

“Im not into bondage, for fuck's sake.”
~ Jebend on bondage
“O rly?”
~ O rly owl on Jebend's quote
“Ya rly.”
~ Jebend on O rly owl's question

edit About Me

edit Bondage


George Bush doesn't care about black jesus.


Ken Snyder and John Bult are both equal legends in beastiality films.

For the record, I do NOT like bondage, regardless of what is said in the local press. I do not agree with any kind of BDSM, or gay rape.

edit Black Jesus

I strongly believe that the son of God was of African origin. He was also hung like a donkey, and was down wit' dat shit.

edit Racism

I do not support either the BNP or the KKK in any way shape of form. Black people are really great. I love immigrants.

edit Ebbery

edit Shebbery Shitbrick

“Hitler was a great man.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Jebend's "Shebbery Shitbrick" section

edit Barry Q Haemorrhoid

Jews are aight! Boy I love de Jews. Me so me so. AHHHH SOOOO.

edit What is the dealio?

Want to know what the crack is? Well I'll tell you what it. It turns out that I have the almighty all-loving Herpes. Now, I didn't ask for said Herpes but it turns out that this is the case.

edit So what's the problem?

I didn't think you could get Herpes from animals. I heard you could get Herbies though (Rabies STD).

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