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My anti-boredom
(because someone has to do it!)

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Dizzymilky . . . . .

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SWEET YAGOBALIES! It has been (and still is!) a great place here in Uncyclopedia. I have been around the block, seen (and reviewed) some of the best and worst articles in here, made a few friends, and had an EXCELLENT excuse to waste time. As for other involvement, I have been spending a bit of time on a site called RationalWiki, a very good site for the intellectuals within us all... and they have a decent sense of humour there (nowhere near as good as ours!)

As for myself, I am currently recovering from an event in my family. I would perfer not to discuss it, but understand that I will not be as active. I have an outstanding Pee Review I am working on, and I am working on finishing it. Top of the day! ~Javascap!

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