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<center><big><big><big> R E T I R E D</big></big></big>
<div style="position: absolute; top: 2px; right: 4px;z-index:3;font-family:courier;text-align:right"><big><big><big><u>|P|E|E| |R|E|V|I|E|W</u></big></big></big>
<br />My anti-boredom<br />(because ''someone'' has to do it!)</div>
<div class="usermessage plainlinks">You have '''<font color=002BB8>[[SPECIAL:USERLOGOUT|new messages]]</font> (<font color=002BB8>[[SPECIAL:USERLOGOUT|last change]]</font>).'''</div>
Sorry. :( </center>
<span style="position:absolute;top:-40px;left:-125px">[[Image:Dizzymilky.gif|50px]]</span>
{{Message_box|backgroundcolor=#FF0000|image=242_Day.jpg|heading=''This user has returned from
[[Hell]] and is now here to eat your brains.''|message=}}
This user has a...
SWEET YAGOBALIES! It has been (and still is!) a great place here in Uncyclopedia. I have been around the block, seen (and reviewed) some of the best and worst articles in here, made [[no|a few]] friends, and had an EXCELLENT excuse to waste time. As for other involvement, I have been spending a bit of time on a site called RationalWiki, a very good site for the intellectuals within us all... and they have a decent sense of humour there (nowhere near as good as ours!)
As for myself, I am currently recovering from an event in my family. I would perfer not to discuss it, but understand that I will not be as active. I have an outstanding Pee Review I am working on, and I am working on finishing it. Top of the day! ~Javascap!
{| cellspacing="0" style="width: 238px; background: black;"
| style="width: 45px; height: 45px; background: black; text-align: center; font-size: 14pt; color: green;" | [[Image:Atrophy.jpg]]
| style="font-size: 8pt; padding: 4pt; line-height: 1.25em; color: black;" | <span style="color:green;"> This user cannot follow any [[Game:Do NOT click any links!/click|orders<span style="color:green;"></span>]]!!
<center> While here, feel free to check out my [[User:Javascap/Rewards|<font color=darkgreen>Rewards</font>]]
While your at it, feel free to check out my [[User:Javascap/Reviews|<font color=darkgreen>Reviews</font>]]</center>
pages I have created
*[[User:Javascap/Howto:cut your own head off with a hatchet|Howto:Cut your own head off with a hatchet]][[Image:Simplicity.jpeg|thumb|right|260px|All of life can be pardoned with a bit of simplicity (and if only Pee Reviewing was that easy!)]]
*[[You are here]]
*[[UnNews:Two Public Figures Arrested for Multiple Offenses]]
Pages I have not created
Pages I created but were huffed
*[[Bring the troops home from Iran]]
*[[Kitten Fetish]]
*[[What to do if attacked by grues]]
Pages I would like to see huffed
==My Suck to Blow ratio==
*<big><font color=green>'''17.....'''</font></big> (51 blows/ 3 sucks)
<small>This is not automatically updated. It may not be current.</small>
<div style="height: 250px; overflow:auto; border: solid 1px #FF3300">
{{Bush Jail}} <br><font face="Trebuchet MS,Verdana" size="2">
<div class="boilerplate metadata" width=100%><table CELLPADDING=5 CELLSPACING=5 style="background-color: #98967; border: solid 1px #000000"><tr>
<td>[[Image:bludgeon.gif]]</td><td><font color=red><b> This user wishes you a happy Whack a Mod over the head day.]] </b></font><br><font color=white> </font></td></tr></table></div>
<div style="float: left; border:solid yellow 1px; margin: 1px;">
{| cellspacing="0" style="width: 238px; background: lightyellow;"
| style="width: 45px; height: 45px; background: lightyellow; text-align: center; font-size: {{{5|{{{id-s|14}}}}}}pt; color: {{{id-fc|black}}};" | '''[[Image:Sunglasses.jpg|40px]] '''
| style="font-size: {{{info-s|8}}}pt; padding: 4pt; line-height: 1.25em; color: {{{info-fc|black}}};" | This user is actually not Javascap. He is an impostor. Get away. Now.
|}</div><br clear="all" />
{{User Zombie}}<font color=white>[[User:Javascap/secret page|.]] <font>
{{user PEEING}}
{{Lang| ht|G}}
[[Category:User page templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>
[[Category:Users who believe George Bush must get arrested]]

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