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Welcome to our organization homepage (AS SEEN ON TV) hope you have fun ^<>^ lol rofl roflmao-Osama Bin Laden

edit About us

Despite popular belief, we are a friendly group puppy loving, infidel hating Islamises. We are not ‘radicals’; we just get…explosively upset sometimes. Once again welcome to our homepage enjoy!


edit Al Qaeda newsletter

Click here to subscribe for all in's 'n out's on upcomming terrorist attacks.

edit It’s Cupcake Tuesday Soon

Funny fart

But remember the terrorist's golden rule: be careful; you could hurt someone

Posted Today at 1:10 am by Osama


Islamic cupcakes are so much better then infidel cupcakes

Hey everyone, it’s almost Cupcake Tuesday! Come express your hate for infidels by buying a strawberry terrorist cupcake. YUM! Cupcakes create deadly flatulence (expelled from humans through a processes commonly known as 'farting' or 'emitting gas' expelled though the anus), so walk up to some infidels and fart in their face.

edit We are converting to Scientology

Mahmoud ahmadinejad wideweb 470x364,0

Yea Like My pic of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I’m so good at paint-Osama

Posted yesterday at 7:46pm By Osama

I’m sick of being Muslim. Allah can go fuck a cow for all I care. It seem all the celebrities who feel they are getting no publicly join Scientology. I am having a low point in my career because of that fuck Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is taking all my publicity, what a fuck-head lol. Hey Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, insert bad comedy writing here!!! Anyways, by converting to Scientology, we will get more low-life celebs like Tom Cruise and John Travolta to use as suicide bombers because those two know the only way they can get mentioned at any award show ever again is to appear in the memorial section. link title

edit Al Qaeda on Global Warming

Al Qaeda we care

At Al Qaeda, we care about the environment. Do You?

In an interview made by George W. Bush, our great leader Osama Bin Laden said he's a strong believer of global warming, and claimed he has been the main person who's slowing it down. For example, he's reduced the number of people who go on planes since September 11, 2001. Also, he's reduced the number of people in general. So you can see that we care.


edit Todays Poll


0% Osama

100% Saddam

edit Comments=(1)

1.Wtf!!! Ok fine! Be that way! But you're forgetting Saddam is dead! So you can have him! Go fuck his dead rotten corpse, SLUT!!! Lolz jay kay, i <3 u-Osama

edit Our Infomercial was a great success

Wifebeating ad

Scene From Infomercial: Al-Jazeera Exclusive, Join now and save! Save! SAVE!

Yesterday we aired our first infomercial. If you were lucky enough to be up at the late hour of 1:00am, then you’re a loser who has nothing better than watch crappy infomercials while you attempt to make a home-made noose out of paper clips. Which is why we aired it at that time to get low lifes to join us. If you missed it then you may read the script.

Osama: Hello welcome To the Al Qaeda super exclusive super saving’s show. Please welcome your host the man who recently has been hailed for having the worst hairdo in movie history. You will remember him as Dr. Robert Langdon, Woody Car, Viktor Navorski, Professor G.H. Dorr, Carl Hanratty, Michael Sullivan, Forrest Gump and the British officer from that episode of “Band of the Brothers” but tonight he is his normal sexy self, TOM HANKS!!!

Female Audience Members: WOOOOO OH HE’S SO DREAMY

Tom Hanks: I’m sure you know me from somewhere else, but tonight I’m here to tell you about an organization that will change your life

Crazy Christen Audience member: You suck Tom Hanks. First you attack the Church with the Da Vinci Code, and now you are supporting Al Qaeda.

Tom Hanks: Fuck You Infidel!!! (Pulls out machine gun and kills everyone in the audience)

Tom Hanks:Did you see me just kill the infidels! Well don’t let that be you. Join Al Qaeda now! CALL 123437848675935659843693976093427092347452765480. Call in the next ten minutes and you will receive a free set of steak knives and 72 virgins when you die. But wait there’s more I’ll even throw in my wig valued at a WOOPING $2.999999999.WOW WHAT GREAT VALUE! YOU WOULD BE A LOSER NOT TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER SO CALL 123437848675935659843693976093427092347452765480. THAT NUMBER AGAIN IS 123437848675935659843693976093427092347452765480. ONCE AGAIN FOR THE RETARDS THAT ARE WATCHING, CALL 123437848675935659843693976093427092347452765480.

edit Our newest technology

Burger King

picture taken in Green Zone, shortly before brainwave spectrograph reading

We are pleased to announce our latest technology in the psychological war on imperialist forces: the Brainwave spectrograph has been developed, inshallah! Here we are proud to release the transcript of the first trial recording, after training the instrument on unsuspecting subject:

"Hmmm, gotta remember, it'th 'don't athk, don't tell'... 'don't athk, don't tell'... 'don't athk, don't tell'... oh, pithy-poo! Should I or shouldn't I? Yeth! I should! No, no. I shouldn't. Don't athk, don't tell. Don't athk, don't tell. Don't athk, don't t-<KABLOWIE!!!> AAAAAARGH!!! MORPHINE!!!"

edit Find out how to join Al Qaeda

Look at yourself. You're fat and lazy, your life has no point. Why not give your life meaning and whip ya self into shape while you’re at it? Join Al Qaeda now. What about your wimpy, no-good kids, you say? Well, forget that infidel Supernanny! SEND YOUR KIDS TO AL QAEDA FUN KIDDIE KAMP!!! They will learn how to fight off all those infidel bullies when they learn self-defense using RPGs and AK47s. So email us at...


Thank you for hosting our homepage. All your admins are now the first to be on our "infidels to keep" list. Also email us at for lucky draws of free AKs and a chance to be my 1029485086th Right-Hand Man for a Suicide Bombing chance! Wewt ? =D

Bye for now, join our KAMP or be a infidel for your life.

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