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“I feel horny...”
~ Oscar Wilde on What he's thinking of doing on MySpace...
~ Random Emo People on not gettin' in
“I hate my life.”
~ A ten year old virgin on one of the MySpace rules
~ A pedophile on what the ten year old virgin just said

Now you can play the actual game in the Uncyclopedia version of MySpace! It also doesn't suck! If you don't want some pervert named Tom in your MySpace, you got it! We also don't tolerate emos!

edit What You Can Do

  • Nothing
  • Make your own Uncyclopedia MySpace page (When making one, please make a subpage)
  • Talk to other people without having to be on a friends list!
  • Stalk Tom
  • Uncyclopedia MySpace Email Boxes
  • Pictures
  • Pretty much everything else you can do on MySpace
  • Add {{}} to your page first to create the

edit Rules

  • Do not be an emo Myspace whore
  • Do not be a fatty
  • Do not be a pedophile
  • Do not use us to lose your virginity
  • Do not kill people
  • Do not send viruses
  • There are other rules about MySpace pages. Everyone must read here.

edit Users

Just put your Uncyclopedia MySpace profile here!

edit Other

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