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I would like to point out that I was fucking with you, but apparently you need hit with a clue by four to figure that out, so touchy, take it in context... Baron1984 12:09, 20 July 2008 (UTC)

<GeorgeCohen> What is your political view, leftist or conservative? <Baron1984> I'm anti-fucktard, most of the time that puts me to the left, the rest of the time I'm a libertarian <Baron1984> those right wing fucktards do have good crack though <Baron1984> or maybe they're intoxicated from smelling their own farts <GeorgeCohen> Why are you so anti-right wing, do you have hate issues or something? <Baron1984> guaranteed to smell like fresh cinnamon buns <Baron1984> nah, I'd be right-wing but they're either pussies or gun nuts <Baron1984> and I don't go to extremes <GeorgeCohen> pussies, what do you mean by that? <Baron1984> old men in suits that run the place like it's their own personal fucking piggy bank <Baron1984> and send my generation to die for them <Baron1984> and their oil money <Baron1984> that kind of pussy <GeorgeCohen> I am right wing, but I am against the war in Iraq, why do you generalize? <Baron1984> you people have some fucking mental masturbations <Baron1984> I'll give you that <GeorgeCohen> you people have some fucking mental masturbations? <Baron1984> yeah <Baron1984> you want to kill homosexuals, but when it comes to babies, life is precious <Baron1984> fucking hypocrites <Baron1984> all of you <GeorgeCohen> what the heck are you talking about? <GeorgeCohen> I have never meant, someone who wants to kill homosexuals? <Baron1984> it's ok George, all you need to do is pull your head out of your ass and quit going to church <Baron1984> it's really quite easy <GeorgeCohen> I don't go to church <GeorgeCohen> Why do you think conservatives go to church? <Baron1984> once you realize the Cthulhu is your one true god, you'll be all better <Baron1984> either Cthulhu or Xenu <Baron1984> Flying Spaghetti Monster perhaps <GeorgeCohen> I know atheists, jews, buddhists and hindus, who are conservatives <GeorgeCohen> We are not all Christians. <Baron1984> sure, you just band together and suck up to them <Baron1984> that makes you even worse <GeorgeCohen> What the heck, I'm Jewish so I can't be right wing? <Baron1984> you can't kill the beast while sucking on it's tit <Baron1984> no, being Jewish makes you mandatory right wing <Baron1984> cause without the United States, the Arabs would take that Bitch <GeorgeCohen> Most Jews are leftist, idiot! <Baron1984> no they aren't <Baron1984> the only reason we had Clinton was cause he was a financial republican <Baron1984> the Jews at Diebold make sure thats the only way in |<-- Ryan_Taylor has left ("GGGG?") <Baron1984> they Jews are only leftist when it suits their agenda <Baron1984> everyone knows that <GeorgeCohen> * In 1992, President Bush (41) won 11% of the Jewish vote

  • In 1996, Senator Dole won 16% of the Jewish vote
  • In 2000, President Bush (43) won 19% of the Jewish vote
  • In 2004, preliminary results indicate George W. Bush received likely support of 25% (a 32% increase over 2000).

<Baron1984> but Jew gold comes first <Baron1984> course <Baron1984> they fudge it <Baron1984> that way nobody suspects them <GeorgeCohen> I have never understood why so many leftists, are anti-semitic. <GeorgeCohen> For example Richard Dawkins, says he control the media. <GeorgeCohen> For example Richard Dawkins, says we control the media. <GeorgeCohen> Demographic trends are favorable to the Republicans – younger Jewish voters are more inclined to vote Republican. In fact, preliminary results indicate that 32% of Jews ages 18-49 supported Bush. In addition, the foundation of the traditional Democratic Jewish base, senior citizens, is shrinking in numbers. <Baron1984> I'm not that extreme, every once in a while, you hear about a Jew that isn't a shit head <Baron1984> being thrown in jail by the others <GeorgeCohen> being thrown in jail by the others? <Baron1984> yes <GeorgeCohen> What the heck are you talking about? <Baron1984> the people that refuse to join the filthy Jew terrorists <Baron1984> 'and murder and terrify innocent Palestinians <GeorgeCohen> This is what alienated me from you leftists, you are poor stupid sheep! <Starnestommy> why the heck does "sheep" ping me? <Baron1984> far as I'm concerned, there's not a thing they do to you assholes that isn't justified -->| death_leopard ( has joined #uncyclopedia <GeorgeCohen> I am not saying all leftists are sheep. <GeorgeCohen> Just these ultra-leftists who believe conspiracy theories, psuedo-economics, etc. they are sheep. <Baron1984> I'm not a sheep <Baron1984> I' <Baron1984> I oppose the murder of unarmed combatants <Baron1984> the IDF is a state sponsored terrorism organization <Baron1984> *non-combatants <GeorgeCohen> unarmed combatants! LOL!!! <Baron1984> see, you just have me so pissed off <Baron1984> like only a fucking Jew could <Baron1984> yeah, I was looking at your nose while I should have been watching what I was typing =-= death_leopard is now known as snow_leopard <Baron1984> I've never seen a group feel so fucking sorry for themselves <snow_leopard> O_O <Baron1984> with such little justification <GeorgeCohen> Holocaust? <GeorgeCohen> Crusades? <Baron1984> yeah <GeorgeCohen> Expulsions? =-= sculay is now known as Asema <Baron1984> over 50,000 of us died in that too you know? <GeorgeCohen> Destruction of our temple by the Arabs? <GeorgeCohen> over 50,000 of us died in that too you know???? <Baron1984> the holocaust <GeorgeCohen> which 50,000? <Baron1984> everyone thinks it was just Jews <Baron1984> cause you guys bitch more about it <GeorgeCohen> 6,000,000 versus 50,00 is a big difference <Baron1984> <Baron1984> not when you guys breed like fucking rabbits <GeorgeCohen> wrong the jewish population is declining in the US, because of low birth rates! <Mitch> Fucking hell. Take it to #politics. <GeorgeCohen> 3,000 homosexuals died during the holocaust, and most of those 3,000 were in fact Jews! <GeorgeCohen> 50,000 homosexuals were imprisoned not killed <Baron1984> yes, blah blah popularity contest <Baron1984> you whine like it would bring some of them back <GeorgeCohen> I never talk about the holocaust, it is the HOLOCAUST DENIERS who always talk about it! <dJirrev> oh dear <GeorgeCohen> You are left wing, holocaust denying, anti-semitic anti-zionist, wow you got hate issues! <Baron1984> denying? <Baron1984> yes <Baron1984> the whole fucking thing <Baron1984> why not? <dJirrev> I'm an agnostic so meh <dJirrev> the holocaust was real <Baron1984> no it was all Jew lies <Baron1984> nein! <dJirrev> fucking visit Auchwitz <Baron1984> that was a Tylenol factory <Baron1984> Clinton fired cruise missiles at it <Baron1984> B-) <Baron1984> personally <GeorgeCohen> All the holocaust victims are lieing? <GeorgeCohen> > All the holocaust survivors are lieing? <GeorgeCohen> Baron1984, what religion are you? <Baron1984> uhhhhm, I worship the Cthulhu <dJirrev> stupid, apparently... <Baron1984> no <GeorgeCohen> So you are an atheist? <dJirrev> or just not good at making jokes <Baron1984> stupid people believe in deities <Baron1984> and the afterlife <dJirrev> or trolling for a fight <Baron1984> not really <GeorgeCohen> You are left wing, atheist, who is a holocaust denier, anti-semitic anti-zionist, and a conservative basher, wow you got hate issues <Baron1984> he started it <GeorgeCohen> No I did not! <Baron1984> don't forget that I like peanut butter, and my favorite color is cerulean blue <Baron1984> it's so calming <GeorgeCohen> All I said is I am conservative, but do not go to church, because I'm Jewish. -->| sleeptyperN70 (n=Me@about/philosophy/sleeptyper) has joined #uncyclopedia <GeorgeCohen> Because you claimed all conservatives are Christians, which is not true <Baron1984> close enough <Baron1984> except in that line of mythology you guys killed Jesus <Baron1984> so it's easier to not believe in him <sleeptyperN70> ... <GeorgeCohen> Christians do not believe Jesus was killed by Jews! <dJirrev> Jesus was real <dJirrev> maybe not the son of god <dJirrev> but a real person at least <dJirrev> real like that guy in Waco <Baron1984> you're right, the Jews sold him to the Romans...who killed him. How many pieces of silver? <GeorgeCohen> Wrong a individual Jew betrayed another Jew in Israel, your point? <GeorgeCohen> Wrong an individual Jew betrayed another Jew in Israel, your point? <dJirrev> The only thing I worry about in religion is if scientology was actually real... then there in a problem... <Baron1984> jews will do anything for silver, they prefer jew gold though <dJirrev> *is <Baron1984> GeorgeCohen: <sleeptyperN70> No comment. <GeorgeCohen> Are you trying to get me mad, is all I can guess, because it won't work, my religion teaches me that anger is a sin. <Baron1984> mmmmhm <Baron1984> so is doing the nasty out of wedlock <Baron1984> or with another man <Baron1984> I am so fucking going to hell <GeorgeCohen> Anger is found amongst stupid individuals. <Baron1984> please help me get right with Jehovah <GeorgeCohen> Anger is found amongst stupid individuals. There are exceptions. <sleeptyperN70> According to Bible, jew rabbis were so scared that Jesus would steal their power among people so they claimed that Jesus was to overthrow roman caesar and so they got romans to kill him. -->| Olipro_ (i=Olipro@unaffiliated/olipro) has joined #uncyclopedia <Baron1984> hmmmm <dJirrev> But what would you have done? <dJirrev> Some guy claiming he is the son of god <dJirrev> and is the "KING of the jews" <GeorgeCohen> All the characters in the New Testament are Jews, ever notice that! The hero and the villians are all Jewish! <sleeptyperN70> And doing pretty impressive miracles.. <Baron1984> I'd throw GeorgeCohen down the well <Baron1984> so my country could be free <Baron1984> B-) <dJirrev> If you were the romans you'd strike him down faster than... <Mitch> Nobody cares about what Baron1984 says. <GeorgeCohen> So using the NT for anti-semitism is stupid! <sleeptyperN70> Romans were very reluctant to kill him. <dJirrev> yeah <Baron1984> thats too bad <sleeptyperN70> They just went along the rabbis in the end <Baron1984> they should have done it before he was a diva <dJirrev> that is because they feared a jewish revolt <sleeptyperN70> Yes <dJirrev> only once the pharasees (sp?) agreed did they kill him <GeorgeCohen> According to we should ignore Baron1984 |<-- digitalpsyko has left (Connection timed out) <Baron1984> Where'd Jesus go? Meh. Nobody cares. <sleeptyperN70> He is watching you all the time ;) <Baron1984> even when I masturbate? <Baron1984> ewwww <sleeptyperN70> When you help an elder over the street, he sees it. When you fap to gay goat porn, he sees it.. <GeorgeCohen> Baron1984 is a left wing, gay, atheist, who is a holocaust denier, anti-semitic, anti-zionist, and a conservative basher. <dJirrev> oh shi- <GeorgeCohen> I don't believe in Jesus, he's body rotted long ago! <Baron1984> <GeorgeCohen> Baron1984 is a left wing, gay, atheist, who is a holocaust denier, ANTI-SEMITIC, who is wiping out the Zog Machine, and a conservative basher. =-= Olipro_ is now known as Olipro <sleeptyperN70> You will when Har-ma-gedon takes you <Baron1984> I fixed it for you <Baron1984> <GeorgeCohen> Baron1984 are you African-american? <sleeptyperN70> As if that mattered... <GeorgeCohen> Baron1984 are you African-American? <sleeptyperN70> Ditto. <Baron1984> no, I'm an American African <GeorgeCohen> Are you Hispanic? <Baron1984> and a meat popsicle <dJirrev> ? <GeorgeCohen> nvm <Baron1984> no, but I had a little Mexican in me <Baron1984> does that count? <Baron1984> B-) <dJirrev> only Olipro can say that <dJirrev> He's like the UN for STDs <Baron1984> nah <Baron1984> condoms are your friend <sleeptyperN70> Being black is STD now? <sleeptyperN70> Ha <GeorgeCohen> <dJirrev> well with the Pope in town... -->| Heerenveen ( has joined #uncyclopedia

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