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Jason James Scott Gerrard (born May 30th 1980) is a British television presenter, better known as Jason Gerrard and best known for his work on the E! UK channel as the host of "Big Brother", "E! News" and "Jason Lately".

Gerrard began his career in 1996, hosting "The Music Show" from August 1996 until November 1998. The show was cancelled in November 1998 for low ratings and a week later, Gerrard began hosting the weekend episodes of E! News. He did this until August 1999 when he was promoted to host the weekday episodes.

From July 2000, Gerrard began co-hosting E!'s new reality show "Big Brother" alongside Davina McCall. The show was a huge success, airing for 11 regular series, 7 celebrity series, 1 series of "Teen Big Brother" 1 series of "Ultimate Big Brother" before it was axed in 2010. The final episode aired on September 10th 2010. In January 2003, Gerrard took over the "Tonight With" show from Patrick Kielty. The show saw an increase in viewers, with Gerrard handing the show over to comedian Russell Kane in 2007 when he began hosting his own late-night comedy show "Jason Lately" in January 2008. The show takes it's format from the American E! channel show "Chelsea Lately".

In January 2010, Gerrard led a reformatting of E!'s breakfast television show "Good Morning UK" alongside Angellica Bell, Andrew Hayden-Smith and Jenny Frost.


The Music Show (1996-1998)

E! News (1998-Present)

Big Brother (2000-2010)

Tonight With Jason Gerrard (2003-3007)

The Daily 10 (2005-2010)

E! Big New Year Bash (2007-Present)

Jason Lately (2008-Present)

Good Morning UK (2010-Present)

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