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Matty is an avid fan of Ice-Cream. And LOLcatz.

Matthew Fox
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Date of birth: July 14th, 1966
Place of birth: A Farmhouse
Nationality: Hillbillie Hick
Known for Chewing tobacco and riding a horse;
Occupation Hollywood Douchebag
Religion Son of God

edit Biography

Matty 'Chan-Man' Fox was born in a stable in Wyoming somewhere between this millenium and the next. He is the end result of a drunken back-seat grope-fest and a broken prophylactic. He and his twin brother,Adam Sandler are well known among the Hollywood elite, for whoring themselves out to any movie that will take them. He is also well knoen for over four decades with bad hair.

A nightmare on spandex street

A screencap of Matty's role in the remake of the classic 1980's 'A Nightmare on Kamehameha Street'

Matty has a large family, 17 brothers, 24 sisters and nine different fathers. Everyones name is McDermott, Grettel or Helga. Appart from him and Adam. It should also be noted that Matty graduated from the Tom Cruise school for the intense.

Matty has a large fan base, mainly because of the popularity of his TV show, LOST. Not that he cares. Matty don't take like-ee from no one, ya. Foo Shoo.

edit Relationships

Matty seems too be and animal activist, as he has married a beached whale. Together they have spawned the son of Satan.


1990's This fine specimine of U.S drama ran for a long time in the 1990's. It centred around four people and a baby they refused to sell for cash. Ofcourse, they all put the FUN back in AWFUNNS with their crazy scemes and shinanigans!

edit LOST-ED

2004 LOST is 1/4815162342 of the way through its storyline. Matty stars as Dr. Matty, the emo doctor who abuses alcahol. It is rumoured his brother Adam Sandler will guest star as a pineapple.

edit Trivia

  • Matty is an emo.
  • Although he graduated from a prestigious university. He doesn't know one plus one equal windows.
  • He's part Maori

edit Quotes

“I'm not talentless, it's intensity. Gosh Damnit!”
~ to a magazine interviewer
“I'm NOT a pussy-ass. I'm intense!”
~ on once again trying to justify his crying in 97% of scenes he's in on LOST
“We're just friends.”
~ referring to his and Josh Holloways relationship while walking into their shared bedroom..
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