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DCS Trouble
Qronkite's Insta-Trouble Instantiating Apparatus (C), DSC 012.JPG photographed by Qronkite's [Nikon D50 DSLR]

To look with your eyes and understand the following, read and accept How To fool Qronkite into believing you understand him.

The Mental Actinides

Like the Mendelevian Actinides in the Periodic Table, the Mental Actinides of Qronkite are derivatives of actual Ramaglyhphic thought processes. The Mental Actinides are incoherent but consistent reasonings of mercurial incidences that although could be conformed to a more efficient rule of hand from being rules of phalanges are not, to concur with Axiom VIO. Memory lapses, selective memory and other irememorable inconveniences have limited the Mental Actinides from being listed in sequential order to instead their consequential concatenation order . . . proceeding with :

  • Yuletamannovychxatchomb Pronounced You-IL-Taman-Noff-Itch-Jash-Te-Com (Creator of reasoning on Reference Points)
  • Jucoucia Pronounced Geo-Koh-Shi-Ah (Creator of reasoning on jucoucious nouns)
  • Acadmhlahtefya Pronounced Ehum-Ahk-Come-Deck-Laugh-Te-Phu (Creator of reasoning on If's, Why's, How's, and Senses)
  • Detractilism Entu Conclaktilistilism Pronounced Dee-Tract-Till-Lizz-Mmmm-Anh-Tei-Con-Clack-Till-Lizz-Shhh-Tickle-Ism (Creator of reasoning on Ramaglyhphics)
  • Tousxhamn Pronounced Toe-Je-Sam (Creator of reasoning on Tion)
  • Ahcilactecya Pronounced Ahk-Ci-Clef-Tech-Uhh (Creator of reasoning on reasonability, responsibility, and relapse ability solutes, and their redundancy in impulse and empathy solvent incidences)
  • Usamaldyhydeae Pronounced Ooh-Sa-Mala-Di-Hey-Day (Creator of reasoning on foreign defecation, foreign fecal matter, and foreign regular matter)
  • Stennson StemCell Research Pronounced Stin-Son-Stim-Sell-Rea-Search (Creator of reasoning on singing in the rain and or when angry)
  • Acklumegis Pronounced Ahk-Clue-Mage-Is (Creator of reasoning for Open Door policies on destruction, weapons, and erratic oblieritorianistic devices)
  • Riricome Deserts Pronounced Rear-Reah-Comb-May-Dez-Herts (Creator of reasoning of Emilio Klouspuccini, other foreign fish, and potential Amits)
  • Aighitigiklepha Pronounced I-Jit-Tigit-Ahk-left-Efa (Creator of sties of reasoning on pain and flexcispasms)
  • Huatquatquatquat Pronounced Who-Qua-What-Qua-What-Qua-What (Creator of reasoning on confusion or amnesiac stalling feigns)
  • Fidiahnnddhuit Pronounced I-Did-Int-Due-It (Creator of reasoning to only recognize greatness when it presents a clear and present unreality, danger, eradicative, decimator, and or pandemic pandemonius capability of being created)
  • ₅Fouye Pronounced ₅Fa-Ouc-Yhe (Creator of reasoning on couping world, on world, in world, and out of this world)
  • Ugletimacht Pronounced Huh-Makt (Creator of reasoning on verbal defecation)
  • Kwanthakamo Pronounced Quon-Thack-A-Moe (Creator of reasoning on national combustible spontaneity within state of many nations or many nations across many more states)
  • Maghkix3 Pronounced mMyki-mMeiki-mMeki (Creator of reasoning on Killist, Jews celebrating Moneykkah, and Xsctizelischisms)
  • Fahszey / Stazioms Pronounced Phu-Y-Yuy-G / Staz-Z-Ums (Creator of reasoning on Tychoons, Eperiums, and Agitazstrates)
  • Damning Bedamnables Pronounced Dam-Ing-B-Dam-Aboles (Creator of reasoning on vernacular appropriations)
  • Oopseydeiente Accilideiente Pronounced Oops-Ah-Lee-D-Undele-Te-Ahk-Cilia-Dent-Te (Creator of reasoning on the failure system and fuck-up loop)
  • Activate the Zeison Generator Pronounced Ahk-Te-Vadet-Thugh-E-Z-Zon-Xen-Ner-Rhay-Door (Creator of reasoning on perfection)
  • Eamneigos / Eamneables Pronounced Dam-Knee-A-Goes / D-Em-Knee-Ahd-Boles (Creator of mercurial units and reasoning on mercurial units)
  • Congintencat Pronounced Con-Jin-Ten-Cat (Creator of JA Urgency reasoning for maintaining oneself under JoJaJuh)
  • JA Pronounced Jin-Dun-Dae-Doo-Dum-Li-Quackleshitiztenstaffenhurtzspitzerlova-Lerthalnmoplyfiackergineonsis (Creator of JA Axial Reasoning)

How To fool Qronkite into believing you understand him

JA Axial Reasoning

  • Axiom IC o_O People speak truths when they want something.
  • Axiom IIK °~° People speak lies when they don't want others to have something.
  • Axiom IIIE -_- People speak maybe when they wnat the attention from the follow up inquiry.
  • Axiom IVN ò_ó People speak excuses when they want to lie, and omit when they don't want to lie.
  • Axiom VH ô_õ People speak loudly when they want others to stop listening.
  • Axiom VIO σσ People speak in 1st person to suggest in 2nd person.

James Fian Qronkite is a James, his first name is not James, but instead it’s 'Fian. Qronkite is no where related to Walter Cronkite the editor in chief of the Viva Someday Saigon Press, (who's first name is Walter, not Cronkite, like Qronkite), but interestingly enough for him, Qronkite is a direct descendant of Qreonses an Ethiopian servant of Emperor Qin of China's Qin Dynasty who instilled the sense of unity in the Qhuametics, (a precursor to all Qronkite's thought processes).

Qronkite is not entirely sane and if haven't realized that by know you aren't either..., but understand Qronkite now know...


Qreonses, man of Qronkite’s past and Std. Qreonses for the Principality of En

It all stared with his great ancestor Qreonses. Qreonses, a soldier in the Axum (Ethiopian) Army was captured and enslaved into cartography by the Mongolian commander Hao Keaye. During Genghis Khan’s insurgency of Kara-Khitan, a contingent of the force was initially lost and then routed by a small flank of Crusaders also lost, pitifully, Keaye ended getting more lost in the Sinai Desert, and was mercilessly raped by the Ayubbids. Sore and tired Keaye and his ragtags then stumbled into another war zone between Ethiopia and some subcontinental Arabians. Stealthiy, Keaye managed to flank, surround, and capture randomly one of the soldiers who taking a piss during the skirmish, and that poor African was Qreonses.

Qreonses in relation to Qronkite is important because once back in Yuan dynasty China after stumbling as best an African soldier can in a foreign Asia. Qreonses eventually contracted yellow fever from cavorting with Keaye’s consorts with no protection. He was not a special person other than he was relatively darker, taller and in too many things, and in some way Heightened Hyperactive Demented, having orgies every night and Buddhist Palm in the mornings, but he was partially possibly not right in the head. He died 85, and had close to 31 legitimate children (with 3 legitimate wives), all whom developed HHD and unfortunately built a genetic neurological disorder of HHD on the lineage.

HHD since has degenerated into simpler lethal neurological spasm-spectrum, Qronkite thanks Qreonses for nothing, except maybe the fever. Qronkite was a rare victim of yellow feverous infantalis at birth from HHD and has since slowing been changing RGB Afro skin tone from red to yellow. He also developed ED/ND, ADHD, HHD, and OCTD, 19” 360LCDswivelstandedHDTVD, PDD, and AspD. He even further also plus more believes any more discussion on him would prove redundant and superfluous and instead interjects only his things ...

Qronkite En

Qronkite was born Fian Morttier Qronkite, October 15th 1981, Qreonsesgrade, En. He was born in the Afro shade of Cuba Gooding Jr., otherwise he was the first son of Fiona and Fichel Fier Qronkite. He has a MME, PE, GE, and D through his lifetime experience of research and learning. His resume might be impressive if he could one day provide and educated guess to why plasmas aren’t infinite virulent atomic masses, or why krap isn’t spelled with a -K-. Currently he is suspended from his job at Volatile Things Industries due to a hippie joint lawsuit with MOSSAD for his 56th Invention/Innovation. He will back to work when the rioters start using their Y chromosomes and stop expressing themselves on his lawn, (because he believes that shit is gross). Some of his personal accolades include humility, when possible (not in this discourse, of course because he had write in audacious third person at point blank range).He doesn’t write in correct grammar, because he feels run-ons are the medium in which thoughts are generated and to be truly authentic they should come out the same way. Spelling and formatting all depend on the biases of letters and numbers . He believes strongly in destruction as a solution to all problems. ‘’’He above knows though that people and everyone messes up, and if and when you find yourself in a hole you should stop digging, unless you see sky staring back at you , then you should find a parachute, chopsticks, and a inverted rappelling apparatus, and make your way through sit down, drink, eat, and watch other people fuck things up if only for a moment.’’’

Qronkite is man, a man with a gun ... a bomb, an volatile thing, a brain, and an On/Off switch he toggle betwixt all of them ...

Qronkite claims the status of engineer just all the other James's. Like James George Washington Carver, who invented 350 ways peanuts, pecans, and peanut butter could be used as ballistic explosives. Qronkite has somewhere around 58.375 Invention/Innovations, 54, 57, and five/eights of 58 are different versions of I/I No. 56, that the Jews haven't found about yet. Overall he concludes with nothing else.

In your mouth this month

A Question questioning questions, questioned by other questions that could have been questionable.


What its all about

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