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For the purposes of this exercise we will take a simple measure of probability, arbitrarily the roll of a die. Assuming that the die is six sided and eavenly weighted we can see that in one roll of the die there are six possible outcomee - being any of the numbers from one to six inclusive. In multiple rolls of the die there are as many possible outcomes as numbers of faces multiplied by the number of rolls, as represented by the equation :X = YZ. This equation is a constant up intil the point that the number of rolls of a die multiplied by the number of possible faces reaches an interger greater than six-hundred and sixty-six - at which point the dice will always show snake-eyes.

Knowing this what can we deduce about the attitudes of dice to free will - specifically in regards to the nature nurture debate - and what is the probability that three dice when rolled simultaneously will each come to rest at the feet of an impressionable child?


The the median weekly pay for males in full-time employment in the UK is £487 per week, and the median weekly wage for women is £387. Given that the average male will achieve orgasm through approximately six minutes of oral sex, and that the average rent-boy charges sixty english pounds for such a service. using only this information;


i) calculate the average yearly male and female wage

ii) Calculate to the nearest pound how much better men are than women, detailing in no fewer than 500 words the arguements for their continued subservience


i) calculate how many balding middle-managers you would have to fallate in order to be financially better off than the average working man

ii) using this figure and the previously detailed duration of the average suck-job to determine how many hours a year you would have to take spunk in the mouth in order to be financially better of than the average working man

iii) pretty shocking huh? you could just go mad on cocks for a day and take the rest of the year off, or be a fuck-jar for a month and retire


John and Jack are two males. John is twenty-five years old and Jack is twenty-two. Their heights and weights respectively are; 5'8" and 5'11", and 13 stones and 15 stones. The Beretta 92G-SD hand-gun has a muzzle velocity of 381 m/s (1250 ft/s) and a muzzle energy of 583 J (430 ft·lbf). Assuming that they only have one bullet between them and intend to fire said bullet such that it passes through both of their heads and out the other side into a photograph of a clown, what is the probability that:

i) one or more of the men will survive the incident horribly disfigured

ii) the clown picture, in being hit by the bullet, would be considered art, sold for millions, and displayed in a gallery, by a smug tosser, in a crass, shallow celebration of insensitivity

iii) it was the parents fault

iv) they were gays

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