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woke up this morning
it looked like rain
but i don't mind
cos i'm insane
in a padded cell
they locked me away
they say for my crimes
i'm gonna have to pay

oh yes i'm crazy
singin these crazy house blues
shit fuck COCK crazy
spend my nights howling at the moon

I killed this guy
then i ate his wife
bummed all their kids
ran screaming into the night
so they locked me away
in a padded cell
they say for my crimes
i'm sure to go to hell

motherfucker i'm crazy
got those crazy house blues
man i gotta get out soon
if i get out i'll kill you too

oh don't blame me though
it wasn't my choice
i was directed
by an unseen demonic voice
he shows me a future
where blood rains down
cramed into my garage
i managed to fit, seventy-three, DEAD DISMEMBERED CLOWNS!

mother-shit-god-rape crazy!
got those crazy-house blues!

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