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a•sy•lum ( P ) Pronunciation Key (-slm) n.

edit Madness

“It seemed to me, that any civilization that had so far lost its head as to need to include a detailed instructions for use in a package of toothpicks, was no longer a civilization in which I could live and stay sane.”
~ Wonko the Sane on Madness

If thousands of years of art, music, politics, social interaction, architecture, literature and general human behavior have shown us anything, it is that human beings are - in the main - completely mad.

The common perspective of an every day homo sapiens is so skewed and distorted that the world they see bares almost no resemblance to the "true" truth. As a result of this their actions are perpetually harmful, to themselves and those around.

To the mad the actions of other mentally ill people seem entirely rational. To those few people who are sane however, the general insanity around is commonly a source of fear, worry, injury, and also commonly amusement.

Even from a young age I could tell that I saw the world differently from most people. I could never relate to my parents, they used to tell me I was stupid or a dreamer, and eventually they'd lock me in my room without food. Everyone always said I was wrong, because I was in the minority and I didn't fit, didn't conform, but I know now that I was right all along, I am sane, it was they who were unbalanced. It's nice to feel validated, and vindicated. And it's nice to feel safe.

edit A Fine Old Institution


At the dawn of man a human's perceived world was very small. As the world they saw around them grew throughout the ages the errors in their understanding were magnified.

At some point in the late sixteenth century a few relatively sane men, increasingly concerned by the dangers posed by the abundant madness, and perceiving the rapidity with which it was worsening, decided to create safe-houses for the few remaining sane people.

These fine institutions still exist to this day, protecting the human elite, the few yet to be affected by the pollution of the collective human conscious. They are kept in plush, serene, luxurious indoor villages, safe from persecution by the unwell without.

I've got the internet in my room now, it's fantastic, I can sit here in completely safety, but I can still look out into the world, via the web, and marvel at the madness without being in any danger. I also talk to "the unwell" using chat clients. I like to bait them sometimes, and tease them, which is cruel but they aren't really straight-headed enough to realize anyway.
There are some sites I’m not allowed to see though, they're locked out. I think it must be because the committee are protecting us from seeing anything too mad.

edit The Future


Having removed the remaining sane from modern unsociety breeding will be allowed within asylums. It is hoped that by breeding the sane in safety and letting the unwell humans beyond blunder to extinction, the gene pool and collective conscious will eventually be cleansed, and the human mind brought to some kind of enlightened equilibrium. To this end asylums have been gradually expanding for decades on a subterranean level, and connecting via tunnels to form one huge underground city, run for and by those of exceptional perception.

I love to write articles, and spread fronds of sanity and clear-headedness into the world. I feel like I can make a difference.
It's great talking to the other guys here, knowing that you're understood and you won't be mocked or beaten for the strength of your brain. We all sit around and discuss things; religion, politics, literature.
We know what's what. We put the world to rights. We're the future. :)

edit Escapes from Asylums

There is no evidence as to proove that patients have escaped from an asylum. Heheheheheheehehehahahahaheheheee.

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