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"Mayonkaizer: Savior of mankind."

edit Creation

Once upon a time, the Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch ran rampant over the earth.

The people cried out for a Hero, or even a Greek Gyro, but as no hoagie buns were avalible, they feared for there lives.

The four divinities knew what they had to do.

They labored long and hard to create a Holy Sandwhich.

Overnight, posters with this message appeared all over the earth.


the ~NEW~ D3luxx0rz Tendercrisp MaRo Flame-Broiled Angus Triple Bacon BK Pepperjack Oreo Ham Cheddar Magical Lettuceated Stentorian Italiano Extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem Turkey Oven-Roasted Chipotle Quad Poke Tomatoish Big-Bell Neo Ranch Mustarfied L33T Chimney-Pimp Alpha&Omega Onionized Mc Super Urza's Swiss Final-Fantasy Viagra Gravid Canadian Bacon Original-Recipie Teriyaki Curry Ephedra Prozak Fish Quint Boosted Golden Brown Tropical SUPREME Mayonkaizer.


The Mayonkaizer loves you.

The Mayonkaizer will protect you.

The Mayonkaizer knows whats best for you.

The Mayonkaizer is your new god.

There's enough nutritional value in just one to feed a third world country for the next three years!

(By reading this you have voided your right to NOT buy the Mayonkaizer. You are now Legal property of The Mayonkaizer. In other words, THE MAYONZAIZER OWNZ J00 F00L!)

edit Post-Poster

No one knows the source of these posters. However, as they seem to be an attempt to discredit the Mayonkaizer, it is belived the posters where created by the demon sandwhich, Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch

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