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For the love story happened on Wikipe-tan, see UnBooks:Jimbo's Love Life: The Story of Wikipe-tan.

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Being a poster girl of Wikipedia, Wikipe-tan (Japanese: ウィキペたん; Chinese: 維基娘 or 薇姬琵娘) is a fairy naturally transformed from lots of data on the Internet. The products with her figures makes millions of US dollars per month for Wikimedia Foundation.

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In history, there were four persons tried to cosplay Wikipe-tan:

  1. Ying-Ching HEUNG (for original version)
  2. A friend of Eugie IZUMO (for gothic version)
  3. Kashuu TAI (for original version)
  4. SoHome Jacaranda (for original version) - it is said that this may be the avatar from one of a director of Wikimedia Hong Kong

There is a point interesting. The panties/tights should be in dark-blue according to the original issues of original version Wikipe-tan. However, three cosplayers had worn black tights, a trendy clothing in Hong Kong, bringing a fathomless mysterious feel.

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