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The original form of MTR Princess K-Train (Suburb Robusty version)

Born from 2001, Princess K-Train (Chinese: K-Train公主; Japanese: K-Train王女) is the moë princess form of Korean-made stock Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) train belonged to MeTRo Hong Kong (港鐵). Princesses K-Train show as a train daily but there are some records that Princesses K-Train left the railway and rushed onto the pedestrian way for self-walk.

edit History

MTR Corporation invited bids in 1999 and 2004 respectively, for trains in demand of: commencement of Tseung Kwan O Line (將軍澳綫), and, loading ability enhancement of Tung Chung Line (東涌綫). Japan Mitsubishi and Korea Rotem (now Hyundai Rotem) group won the bid and were responsible to manufacture Princesses K-Train.

The first batch of each Princess K-Train costs approximately HK$70,000,000 , whereas the second batch of each Princess K-Train costs approximately HK$125,000,000 since the second batch of Princesses K-Train were produced in a few amount and in a hurry.

edit Check in

All the Princesses K-Train landed on the Siu Ho Wan depot first when they approached Hong Kong.

Originally, MTR wanted to arrange Princesses K-Train running on Tseung Kwan O Line. However, the servants responsible to Tseung Kwan O Line depot are unable to look after Princesses K-Train, as well as Princesses K-Train are herdly to sense the force-field on Tseung Kwan O Line, so Princesses K-Train are arranged to run on Kwun Tong Line (觀塘綫) once they have arrived at Hong Kong.

The first batch of Princess K-Train checked in to Kwun Tong Line (觀塘綫) between 2001 to 2002. 13 princesses are included. They are dressing in light-grey mainly.

The second batch of Princess K-Train checked in to Tung Chung Line (東涌綫) between 2006 to 2007. 4 princesses are included. Mainly-grey blouson, red waist band and white skirt are their dress code.

The third batch of Princess K-Train will check in later to unknown route(s). 5 princesses will be included.

edit Power

There are two versions of Princesses K-Train.

The first batch of 13 Princesses K-Train of Kwun Tong Line are Urban Beauty version (officially named as type C651) with maximum running speed 90km/h, whereas the second batch of 4 Princesses K-Train of Tung Chung Line are Suburb Robusty version (officially named as type C6522-04E) with maximum running speed 135km/h.

Two batches of Princesses K-Train have different maximum running speed, different strength and flexibility on dress, skin, torso and hipbone, but they have the same maximum speedup rate (1.3 m/s²), the maximum service brake rate (0.8~1.35 m/s²) and the same emergent brake rate (1.4 m/s²). This shows that they are of the same mildness.

edit Technical Information

The running control apparatus of Princess K-Train is Mitsubishi 2-Level 3.3kV-1.2kA IGBT VVVF Inverter, whereas her traction apparatus is Mitsubishi three-phase alternating current motor. Princess K-Train gets energy by shocking with on-the-way 1.5kV direct current and gets signal by sensing SECAM-3 force-field (for Urban Beauty version) / SECAM-1 force-field (for Suburb Robusty version).

edit Major incidents

A lot of problems were found on Princesses K-Train because of the quality problems on such as reliability, strengthness on communication throguh the force-field, door sensibility, air-tight, coordination with existing objects, and, etc., Here are some examples:

In year 2002, the first batch of Princesses K-Train often bit passengers and did not release. Some media deride this as "Princess K-Train bites". Even there were some reporters trying to test for the bite by molesting Princess K-Train with knives. During the same period, Princesses K-Train were also often suddenly hurt on the way and knelt down too. Bad opinions have been received.

In year 2006, since the Princesses K-Train of Tung Chung Line are 18mm fatter then Princesses A-Train of Tung Chung Line (the width of Princesses K-Train is 3118mm whereas the width of Princesses A-Train is 3100mm), Princesses K-Train had their dress scrapped while passing through the platform way and depot inspecting way, even had their bridal veil scrapped causing embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during the "bride training" stage. Therefore MTR had to move the rubbers on the edge of platforms downward, and grinding the edge of depot inspecting ways, in order to let the 4 fat partners Princesses K-Train smoothly passing through. This is a big trouble for Princess K-Train giving to Tung Chung Line.

Furthermore, the body and the stainless-steel-made dress of Princesses K-Train are heavier than Princesses M-Train on Kwun Tong Line and Princesses A-Train on Tung Chung Line. Thus Princesses K-Train brings more affort to bridges of Kwun Tong Line and Tung Chung Line.

edit References

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