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True life facts:

1: Seen people root trees. 2: Stolen from self to get rid of self addiction. 3: Been seen most places (or have I) for doing what is RIGHT! says: "YOU DUMBASS" 4: Have been a mum a couple of times. Haven't had kids or have any but been with a mum on occasion. 5: Not fat but eat. Eat I mean in a beach bikini way (of my gf at time way).

"True humour is non funny but comes across as funny. So funny as SERIOUS OTAKU (that is blah blah blah that charactors not blah blah blah), some mum (ex's), dude with HYUNDAI, people that speak 95% with swearwords (mine is debatable 25 to 75%) and the postie boy (who sometimes dates a fat chick whom courtesy of yours truly)."

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