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The wonderful and honorable Kommandant Jüt in his brand new sexy uniform! YUMMMM!!
Nickname Jutty-Boo
Allegiance Troll Army
Service/branch SS
Years of service Too damn long if you ask me.
Rank Kommandant
Unit 35th Division
Commands held Template:Plainlist


Battles/wars Template:Plainlist


Awards None unfortunatly =(
Relations Married to my right hand.
Other work Wrote this damn article

Born sometime before the romans, this creature has adapted to every new setting its been placed in. However in the modern age Jüt has had difficulty adapting to the modern day issues of Justin Bieber who has destroyed music. Jüt slowly evolved into a classic under the bridge troll that currently is in charge of a small division of trolling. He is also the most self absorbed creature one can possible think of after all he wrote this about himself.

Jut waffen ss

Jüt in his sexy uniform from his days in the . Damn look at those biceps!

edit Time Line

? to 1930 - Was jerking off to become world champion

1931 to 1945 - Was kommandant of SS for the Nazi Party in Germany

1946 to 2011 - Watched the evolution of pornography

2011 to Present - Kommandant of the 1st Troll Army

edit Quotes about Jüt

“WTF is it?"”
~ His parents
“God save the Queen, from this monster”
“You have no soul!”
“Jütty-boo we are going to hell first class!"”
~ Zidlharin
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