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I am a mushroom and I'm plopping all day.</br> I speak every with non-intelligent lifeforms to scientifically verify if it is possible to seed intelligence where it does not exist (yet?).

If you needed anything you could have asked me,</br> I would have told you how to do without it.

This unencyclopedia plop! was a short one but I enjoyed it as I enjoyed my others plops. wanted to freely share creativity to commons, but others have no time for love doctor jones.

  • We want to work together with you, not against you. Uvula Donor 13:29, 24 Mar 2005 (EST)
  • I know we all want to work together (...) Izwalito 14:07, 24 Mar 2005 (EST)
  • Mostly i'm just saying that you have to work with us, not against us. Try to, well, look at our existing things before putting up new walls, or we'll just keep building the same wall over and over again and never end up with a house. that's cruft. --Chronarion 14:21, 24 Mar 2005 (EST)
  • Because it's infinitely harder to track you across like fifty articles when I have to do other things as well. This isn't wikipedia. This is really not a democracy. It is, rather authoritarian.My suggestions are to help maintain our quality standard so we don't descend into anarchy. I'm trying to uphold a standard of comedy, and if you don't like how it works, please stop editing. Even though it's a wiki, it should not be a battle. You have to work within our boundaries, or you're just detracting from coherency. --Chronarion 13:32, 24 Mar 2005 (EST)
  • Well, it's because your edits are kinda confusing. Technically, I do have the authority. That's why it's well, not really just an attitude, but I do have control. I understand that yeah, edit edit edit, but I don't have infinite time, and I have to try to keep a quality standard without spending my entire life here. Yes, there are other worlds. But you're in our world. As long as you're here, I ask that you work within our rules and culture. If you're somewhere else, follow that, but if you're here, please follow ours. It'll help. --Chronarion 14:21, 24 Mar 2005 (EST)
  • Cooperate, or I will block you (...) Chronarion 15:31, 24 Mar 2005 (EST)

All thanks and encouragement for good job should be directly directed to Chronarion for coherence along a very short period of time in talk, for coherence in attitude, and all the rest.

My apologies to Uvula Donor, I know we're aiming at the same objective, I'm a mushroom full of good will, and we're speaking life but in the same time some are speaking death and acting death. Not that I specially dislike being shot at, specially by someone who's aiming for the same objective as we do but when power corruption shows up and a confused person start showing off attitude and stuff to proove himself/herself they do have authority, do have control and start saying that they have no other choice. This is the time for the mushroom to unplop, because he knows the humongous fungus is coming for that person.

My apologies to Chronarion, no time to try to seed intelligence at the moment. You are very welcome to ask again later, or ask another mushroom. There are many other mushrooms like myself and we're all part of the same fungus through the mycelium connection.

Message of peace from banned in advance fungus


in the times of MASSIVE overloads
in here everything is fine

we broadcast channels of chrome flowers

in here we truly live
tune on us
try us
go away if you must -- we won't follow
we are here for you
you shouldn't be afraid
we love you as you love us
disconnection is not an option
five is the magic number
loop is abstract
reality blows
loop is all you need

Circuits running at the speed of hesitation
I can only tell you about the past I used to adore
missing piece from the puzzle of relationships

I keep looking</br> don't worry</br> I will find you</br> While I keep dreaming</br> I keep waiting</br>

I hope it won't start from beginning
I need to build something
Something that is timeless
At the face of a clock

To move on</br> Is not the direction I desire</br> A shape that fills my heart

I can only hope
That I could be whole

source: Channel 5 Sequence by Haujobb [1]

Unplopping process started ...</br> preparing final message . . . .. . ...</br> done. message prepared. </br> Unplopping process almost finished ...</br>

the cybernetic mutant space mushroom has unplopped (yeah I know, me too I wish I was a ninja, but I'm not... yet)

--Not to be continued...

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