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“The biggest bad ass on Uncyclopedia”
~ Captain Obvious on Iwillkillyou333

Hello. My name is Iwillkillyou333. I am a Uncyclopedia editor because its so much fun of doing satire articles here than making boring articles on Wikipedia. While I usually come off as a total bad ass with an insane attitude who desires to do people's mothers, I'm actually a quite pleasant person and a good contributor to this site. Below are some fun facts about me.

  • Yes, my user name is name after the song of the same name (minus the 333) from Cannibal Corpse.
  • I'm a big video game person.
  • I love horror, sci-fi, anime, and action movies and tv shows.
  • I'm the mentor of CrazyHair911, who shall join my cause of world domination.
  • I despise Democrats.
  • I tend to suffer from writer's block. You're welcome to help me out, just ask me on my talkpage.


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