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To respect, or not to respect that is the question.

Don't disrepect women. Seriously. Women are one of God's greatest creations, and men should respect, regardless of the circumstances. Even though men can't live with them, but men also can't live without them. Otherwise, the human race would go extinct, and that would't be fun now would it? Despite the fact they're diffrent in personality and appearance, and that they do things that get on our nerves, we should always respect them. However, there are always the dickheads who think that they don't have to repsect women just because they're men who that they can do whatever they want and that women don't have a say in anything except the phrase "I will do what you command". Such people make up forty percent of the scum that plagues society (the other percent being child molesters, rapists, drug dealers and Democrats). Real men treat women with the uttermost respect. Thses man are refered as "gentlemen". There are many reasons why you should respect women, and this lesson will change the way you think about women.

edit What Women Are Not

edit Women Are Not Inferior

Women are not inferior, and therefore should not be treated as inferior. It has been proven that women have less muscle mass then men, so men are naturally stronger than females. Although there are exceptions to this rule, and I'm talking about you geeks and nerds and guys who are too lazy to even get off the sofa, as well as you pussies who act like little girls prefer yoga over strength. Lift some weights, weaklings! Ok, back on topic, though men have stronger muscles than women, that doesn't mean they are the weaker creature. And before any of you smart asses say "it's applies to nature", here's a scientific fact: a female T-Rex is much bigger and stronger than the male T-Rex and is a force to be reckoned with, especially if you mess with her young. And if you mess with her young, well, let's say it won't be pretty but you get the idea so shut your mouth smartasses before you feel the wrath of a female T-Rex who's going through that time of the month again. And you don't want that now do you?

edit Women Are Not Simply Maids

Women should not be treated like maids who's only goal is to work in the kitchen and make sandwiches all day. I don't care if they make better sandwiches than you do. You have ten fingers, two palms, and two arms, so use them damn it! Women have talents, dreams, wants and needs, and they can't accomplish those needs when they're behind a counter putting bread and meat together while trying to dust and mop at the same time, now can they? Even if women want to go by tradition and be household wives, don't abuse it. If they don't want to be, don't force them. In other words, don't control them, they're not robots. If you want to abuse, force and control someone, go to the People's Republic of China, I heard they're looking for new Party members.

edit Women Are Not Simple Sex Objects

edit Women Are Not Punching Bags

edit Women are Smart

edit Women are

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