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“Look at the size of that thing! It's bigger than Galativus' dick.”
~ Oscar Wilde on the Yamato

Yamato was a very large and powerful battleship that served with the Imperial Japanesse Navy during World War II. She and her sister ship, Musashi, were the largest and heaviest battleships ever constructed. They were also the most powerfully armed battleship having 18.1 inch guns. Despite these advantages, both sunk during the war due to serious bad luck. But they are still the largest battleships ever.

edit Design

Instead of having the large 16 inch naval guns usually used by battleship, Yamato was armed with humongous 18.1 inch (46 cm) naval guns, the largest calibre of naval artillery ever fitted to a warship. Enough to destroy or severly damage destoyers and cruisers with one hit, battleships with two to four hits, and aircraft carriers with four to six hits (unless it was a super carrier, which, because of there size, would require fifteen hits).

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