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The official emblem


The Uncyclopedia Federal Bureau of Investigation. or U.F.B.I. for short, is a special agency in the Uncyclopedia Department of Defense and Justice. Like the United States F.B.I., the U.F.B.I. is a law enforcement agency; however, instead of enforcing the laws of America, we enforce the laws of Uncyclopedia, mostly ones that contradict the HTBFANJS. We also fix many mistakes that many people make such as spelling and horrible formatting, and searching for invalid articles and have them killed and destroyed. Although reports and files are kept secret, as we are a secret agency, to the fact even a few administrators don't know we exist (that we know of), until someone blabs and we aint a secret anymore, but still a useful group.

edit Operations

Secret Grue

Our Official Mascot

Here we have many duties. The first thing is searching articles for vandalism and things that are stupid instead of funny. It almost sounds like the Grue Army, but unlike them, we don't usually look for vandals, we fix what they vandalize, but we can still report them to the higher authorities, although that job is mostly for the U.C.I.A.. Second, we keep in check with articles that use the {{Construction}} tag and articles made by new users. If we encounter something such as spelling or bad grammar, we just fix it up, or if it contradicts the rules of Uncyclopedia, we tell or warn the user WITHOUT revealing ourselves to them. Third, we keep check of articles that are targets of either vandalism and/or noobism. If we encounter a new user, we'll show them the twelve steps to the AAN program, or to the "people" from the Grue Apocalypse[1]. If a article that has no redeeming value, we will place a Code:Red template that informs that the article has three days before it is taken to either VFD or QVFD unless someone has an objection, which they must inform the director or it will not count. Sometimes we'll discuss whether it should be kept/deleted/IC in our discussion page. Oh, and we report any flamewars, vandals, and annoying users.

edit Users

Remember Steventhemario, the fag who keep spamming templates and had administrators clean up after him until his infinite ban? Our goal is to warn users to avoid doing such things and tell them the consequences of what they'll recieve if they keep it up. We want to warn them before admins do, and give final warnings to users on the brink of infinite ban. After that, they're on their own. We also report flammers and vandals to admins if we come across them.

edit CleanUp

Since there is no Clean Up article anywhere on Uncyclopedia, that responibility will be put here. To clean up an article, you do the following:

  • Fix spelling errors
  • Fix grammar errors,
  • Do punctuation corrections,
  • Reorganize the content,
  • Delete bad content and clichés.
  • If an enitre paragragh is full of crap, rewrite that paragragh to make it better.

Our things to do will grow in time.

edit Rules

Here are things you need to know when working with us

  • 1 You may not delete peoples work in progress if it is a piece of crap or you don't like it. Thats not your place and its not fair and you'll be kicked out and reported.
  • 2 No vandalism.
  • 3 Cyber bullying is not allowed.

edit Ranks

Unlike the F.B.I. which is not ranked, the U.F.B.I. does rank:

As a member you will become an Uncyclopedia Federal Officer in one of the following divisions:.

The Director

The leader of the U.F.B.I.


Member who sucks up horrible formatting and spits out clean copy.


Member who knows the difference between color & colour.


Member who writes the wrongs of noobs.

Criminal Programs

Member who fixes or fails lists.


More Official Ranks Coming Soon

edit Membership

Memebership is free, but there are requirements to join.

  • 1. You must be registered.
  • 2. You must not be a noob
  • 3. You must not be a vandal or anything like that.

edit Current Memebers



edit MIA

The Thriller

edit Sign Here

 Avast Matey!!! Happytimes are here!* Happytimes.gif (talk) (stalk) Π   ~ Xkey280 ~  03 Jan 2010 ~ 10:36 (UTC)

Me Joins! <<>> 07:43 January 9

I am interested in joining --The Thriller 00:29, May 3, 2010 (UTC)

edit Templates

U.F.B.I. This user is a Uncyclopedia Federal Officer of the U.F.B.I., and has files of your entire history.

Article Being Watched

This article is being watch by a secret agency, so be careful what you put on here, we know were you live.

Template:U.F.B.I. Warning:

Warning!: Code Red!

The U.F.B.I. have declared this article a violation of law, and is considering taking action. If you have an objection, you have three days to tell The Director, otherwise it will face federal charges. Thank you for your time.

User:Iwillkillyou333/U.F.B.I.User Warning

edit References

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