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Here at the Uncyclopedia Central Intelligence Agency is were we do the following

  • Keep up to date information on articles that are vandalized or in the critical zone of stupidity.
  • Keep an eye on trouble makers who could be causing mischief amoung the community.

edit Constant Vandalized Articles

edit Articles on The level of Stupidity

edit Process of Termination

edit Terminated Articles

  • Antie eurg
  • BB Guns

edit Trouble Makers

Below are those who are being watch for illegal activities.

  • The IP's of Gromhog.
  • "You got hit by a truck" Ip's. Same guy who gets replacing work on articles with the phrase "you got hit by a truck.
  • Poiz Been known to cause trouble with the admins. Best keep an eye on him.

edit Terminated

Here are those who were put down for continuous illegal actions.

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