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You probably heard of many battles that happened in the world that we lived in. Yup, you have. Everyone has. Ever since Adam and Eve ate that fruit that they were told not to eat by God Almighty yet were deceived by that sneaky Satan, war has been constant both physically, spiritually, and mentally. But this battle was something else. It didn't happen in Europe. It didn't happen in Asia. It didn't happen at Endor (even though that was a epic battle). No, it happened in the world of Uncyclopedia. When two powerful yet deadly people met face to face in an epic battle that will forever alter the history of conflicts. That battle was called The Battle of the Killers.

edit Info

Now lets talk about the two fighters of the battle. You see, they were both deadly in the fact that one measly offense to them would get a nice slice in the throat and grounded to a pulp. These men, however, were also liked by many. But enough of the small talk, let get into the details of these two men.

The first man is Thekillerfroggy (or TFK), an admin of the Uncyclopedian world, and strict discipliner. He wants nothing more than to keep the peace of Uncyclopedia and punish those who's mission are to steal, kill, and destroy. He's always good at what he does, and nothing ever takes him by surprise. The second man is Iwillkillyou333, (or IWKY) and even though he wasn't an admin, he still had enough badness in him to kick anybody's ass who dare went against his unholy wrath, as well as doing people's moms and feeding on human brains and livers. Some have prophesize that he'll someday achieve the title, Dictator of Uncyclopedia. This however, has yet to happen, and if he would get off his ass and stop banging those whores at Hooters with the big boobs and owning people in Modern Warfare 2 he can actually achieve something special.

edit Before the Battle

Now before we start talking about the battle itself, I'll explain one thing that you might question; how did this battle got started in the first place? Well, I'm about to explain that in ten seconds. Just kidding, I'll explain it now.

One day, IWKY333 foolishly drank too much Mike's Hard Lemonade as well as ingested to many pills, which resulted in IWKY333 going so crazy it made alzheimer patients look sane. In his drunkiness, IWKY333 mayhem and chaos in Uncyclopedia, killing many in the process and making many young beautiful girls loose there virginity, which numbered up to around sixteen trillion. (if we include the non virgins it would would make the number uncountable). Meanwhile, TKF, in of his splendor, was giving a policy violator fifty hundred lashes for cyberbullying (which is a crime against humanity in Uncyclopedia), when he felt a disturbance in the force. He came to investigate and was surprised by the destruction caused by IWKY333. Angered by what IWKY333 has done, he ordered him to stop this madness. IWKY333, awakened from his drunkenness, said, "Make me, mother fucker!" TKF then challenged him to a great fight made for warriors. IWKY333, being the fierce warrior he was born as, happily accepted. Then began that great battle.

edit The Battle

The battle took place on June 26, 2010, at the Colosseum of Uncyclopedia.

edit The Victor

edit The Plea

edit Aftermath

edit In Conclusion

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