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edit What they DON'T want you to know

  • "You know that rule were you cannot ask for any more wishes? Well, techniquelly you can wish for more wishes. That rule was just made up by those who either want people to choose wishes that are very wise, want to make it difficult for the wisher to think on what he/she wants to wish for, or just too lazy and want to go back in their lamp to sleep. Some genies follow this rule, others don't, and others would only give you more wishes if you hook us up on a date at Olive Garden."

-Genie on the three wishes rule.

edit What they DO want you to know

edit What you CAN have

edit What you CAN'T have

  • "I don't care that I'm a genie, or how good you are at Halo, YOU CAN NOT HAZ RECONZ!!!!"

-Genie on "I can haz reconz?"

  • "I'm afraid you can't wish for the death of someone. Even if a genie does the killing with magic, it's going to be you who will be arrested and charged with murder. Now wishing for an assassin or a mercenary, on the other hand, is an entirely different concept."

-Texas Genie on death wishing.

  • "Just because I'm a girl, that does not mean that you can have sex with me, even if you wish it."

-Female Genie on perverted men.

  • "Unfortuantly, we cannot grant you wishes that interfer with free will. We were told by God after are creation that doing so would result in our damnation in hell."

-Genie on violating free will.

  • "We cannot help you win a tournement of any sport. That's cheating. If you want to win, drop the chips and dip, get of your ass, and pratice untilyour good at the sport you're doing, you lazy bum. And no that doesn't mean practice on Wii Sport! Jeeeeez, people these days."

-Coach Genie on Playing sports.

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