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Uncyclopedia is in dark times. Johny Buttblast has decided to have some fun and "fix up" some articles. But what turned out to be simple vandilism became more extreme when Johny founded the Sacred Potato, the exact potato that powers Uncyclopedia, and manage to absorb some power. Now more powerful than any user, he can change anything on Uncyclopedia. But theres only one problem; The Order of Uncyclopedia have sent their best administrator, Darwin9021, to fix Uncyclopedia and defeat Johny Buttblast before Johny become strong enough to escape Uncyclopedia into the internet. Darwin9021 must act quick, or Uncyclopedia, or even the World Wide Web, would shut down permeantly

edit Chapter 1: Vandalism

Johny Buttblast: Wow life here is so boring, Uncyclopedia is where I only exist, and I can't get out of here.

edit Chapter 2: Sacred Potatoe

edit Chapter 3: Administrator Darwin9021

The Order of Uncyclopedia are having a discussion about the events that happened above.

edit Chapter 4: The Search

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