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Thunderous applause

“For far too long we been surpressed by these bat fuck insane mother fucking evil people called the Axis of Evil-Doers. Now we, The Allies of Good-Doers, will not take it no longer!”
~ Master Chief

Thunderous Applause

“We will destroy their bases, blow up their homes, rape their moms, and send them back to Nazi Germany!”

Thunderous Applause

“And we will crush their oppression with guns, nukes, and lightsabers, and protect democracy!”

Thunderous Applause

“Their end will come in time, as we free earth and protect our rights and root beer. DEATH TO THE EVIL-DOERS! FOWARD TO FREEDOM!”
~ Master Chief

Thunderous Applause

Death to Axis

Onward to victory!

It's time to rid ourselves of the opression of the Axis of Evil-Doers! They will fall! We will rise! Join us <insert name here>, and we, The Allies of Good-Doers shall not rest until we are free of evil oppression! We will use Progoganda, activism, and military to reach our goal! FUCK HITLER! HAIL MASTER CHIEF!

edit Leaders

Master chief cool

Master Chief, the Unstoppable

Our glorious leaders will lead us to victory at all costs against the Axis, damn them! They consist of the Big Three, major leaders and minor leaders.

The Big Three

The Big Three

edit The Big Three

~ Master Chief on Freedom

Our most greatest leader in the entire histrory of forever! Master Chief, or John 117, is our great leader in the battle of justice and democracy! After fighting the Evil The Covenant from destroying humanity, he then saw the evil in the Axis of Evil-Doers, damn them, destroying society. He, alon with Marcus and Claire, founded the Allies of Good-Doers. This is to destroy the evilness of the Axis, damn them, and bring peace to the world.

Marcus Fenix

Marcus Fenix the Terrible

“I'm goin to kick your ass, and when I'm done kicking your ass, I'll kick your ass some more, and when I'm done kicking your ass some more, I'll kick your mom's ass and kick your ass even more, and when I'm done kicking your moms ass and your ass even more, I'll kill you! Then I'll kick your ass again and again again until I'm done kicking your ass, which then I'll kick your ass again!!”
~ Marcus on the Axis, damn them!

Our Second greates leader is Marcus Fenix, who hates the Axis, damn them, with a burnig passion times infinity and beyond! He wants it to be completely tortured and mauled to death. He leads the heavy weight special uber soldiers of the Allies and seeks revenge on the Axis, damn them, for killing his people and stealing his hotdogs. Marcus, who destoryed the evil Locust Horde, is a champion indeed!

Claire in white

Claire Redfield the Great

“They killed my lover, now they must pay.”
~ Claire on the Axis, damn them!

edit Major Leaders

The Arbiter

edit Minor Leaders

edit Who are the Axis of Evil-Doers

edit Main Targets

edit Osama bin Laden

This mother fucking terrorist cause the destruction of the World trade center and must be destroyed! Rip out his beard, take off his clothes, and make him eat pig shit! And then shove a grenade up his ass and hit him with a plane to see how he lives it.

edit Grues

For a long time we were terrified of these little montrous creature and their relatives (Eurgs, Ubergrues, Xenomorphs), but then our leader prove to us that their nothing but little flesh eating mortals by killing 200 of them. They aren't immortal. They can be killed! We must Exterminate these bastards until they en up in the lists of extinct species. DEATH TO THE GRUES!

Man: But what about Ubergrues? They can't be killed with anything. Look at this article.

Master Chief: The article lies! Is just been plaqued by Axis corruption!

Man: What! I want my money back!

Master Chief: You can't get your money back because the Axis don't give refunds!


Master Chief: Yes! Another member to freedom!

edit Response from AoED

Glen Benton Punk


“Well we're fucked.”
“Please don't kill me!”
~ Nisshin Maru
Nisshin Maru kill way

The Japanesse Whaling Fleet had this whale killed and brought on the Nisshin Maru to have his body processed (cut to pieces) and his meat sold to Japan killed because of his support to us. He is one of the many matyrs of freedom! Let his soul live on!

No, we are not terrorists, you are! Look at Luthor, he's already surrendering, hahahaha. Evil is sooooooo weak!

Anyway, the response of the Axis, damn them, was negative. A whale, who joined us last Tuesday, was killed by the Japanesse Whaling Fleet.

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