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Selena Gomez, in all of her cuteness.

Princess Selena Marie Gomez (born July 22, 1992) a.k.a. Sexiest Bitch on Disney Channel is an American singer, actress, magician, and future princess who's music, films, and TV shows are out of this world. That goes the same for her looks and magical powers. She is considered the Disney version of Miranda Cosgrove. She is notable for playing the role of Alex Russo from the Emmy Winning T.V. show Wizards Of Waverly Place, as well as starring in T.V. movies Another Cinderella Story and Princess Protection Program, and made her first theatrical film Ramona and Beezus, each of them gaining positive reviews from critics and fans alike.

edit Early Life

Selena Gomez was born in the cowboy populated, bull riding state of Texas. She is the daughter of a former stage actress Mandy Teefey, explaining where she her talents from. Her father, Ricardo Gomez, appears to lack acting skills that his wife and daughter has, but he's credited for the making of Selena. Unknowest to either of her parents, Selena was born with a magical gift. Whether this was some kind of mutation of the genes, a trait from a relative in her family, or God in his wisdom gave her this special gift himself is unknown, though the latter is considered to be true by many, especially those of religious faith. Despite this, she was too young at the time to fully control her powers, so this remain a secret only to her for the time being. Yet this didn't stop her using her magic with the small control she has to sneak cookies from the cookie jar and other sweet treats into her room. Unfortunately, she was unable to use her magic powers to keep her parents from divorcing, as she was only five and her powers still developing. Years later she got tired of having a single parent, so she came up with a plan for her mother to find a new husband. With great use of her powers (which improved over time) she succeeded.

edit Begining of Her Career

When Disney Channel began to realize that they're running low on young actors, a meeting was held inside the Walt Disney Company HQ. After hours and hours of discussing a solution to solve this problem, they all agreed on one solution; to send scouts all over the nation and find talented young boys and girls. It was during this search that lead them to discover Selena. The scouters were so amazed at her talents they they said to each other, "OMG! She's perfect! She's better than Britney Spears!" And so begins her major start to fame. It was also during this time that she gain full control of her powers.

edit Music

Selena Gomez's voice has been said to be equal to angels singing in heaven. Many experts and critics would agree with this statement. Sure, her voice may not be as wonderful as Kelly Clarkson's voice, Carrie Underwood's voice, or Milla Jovovic's voice, (and let's be honest, who is?) but her voice is one of the best in the music industry. While there are those who disagree with this fact, these people are just jealous that their voices only make birds fall from the sky.

edit Relationship with Justin Bieber

In the month of the March of the year 2011, Justin Bieber announced he was dating Selena Gomez. This drew much attention from all over the world, and gained much praise as well as much criticism. People were surprised by the fact that Bieber was able to actually win her heart. It was the second biggest surprise in the month of March, 2011, with the first being Charlie Sheen's departure from Two and a Half Men.

edit Selena Gomez vs. Miranda Cosgove

Selena G vs Miranda C

I bet $20 on Selena.

Over the years, people wondered who would win in a battle; Selena Gomez or Miranda Cosgrove. Not a fight to the death, of course. Experts say that doing so could result in deadly riots from fans should the death of either girl ever happen. Instead, people prefer a who's better at what type of battle. To show how this battle would be like, a graph below shows who would take home the trophy.

Graph Selena VS Miranda

In conclusion, Selena would win. Miranda Cosgrove would put up a good fight, but atlas, Selena would be the one to take home the trophy. Yet seeing how neither girl has nothing against each other, a battle between the two is unlikely.

edit Magical Powers

edit Future Princess

Selena the princess

Her majesty, Princees Selena Gomez

Little do many people know, including Selena herself, that an ancient prophecy fortells that Selena is the future princess of an ancient, magical kingdom. This was discovered after an archeological expedition inside a mysterious pyramid in South America. The prophecy states that a young girl of great powers would be declared princess once she grows up. It also states that only her has the power to awaken the kingdom from a centuries old curse caste by an evil race led by the dragon Nercerex, son of Alduin the World Devourer.

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