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Sangheili (Macto cognatus)
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The Sangheili (Macto cognatus), also known as Elites by humans, are a proud, fierce, and dangerous saurian species from the planet Sangheilos, who are well known for their adeptness and skill in combat. Strong, agile, intelligent, and a will to fight to the death, they are a force to be reckon with. Despite their fierce nature, they are religious and noble, evidenced by their culture and beliefs. They provide the military backbone of an alien empire of various species known as the Covenant ever since it's founding, but later seperated from it to alliance themselves with humanity, who they wage war against during the Human-Covenant War. True to their human given name, they are true fighters who can take on any challenge without question, and would rather die than surrender. Thanks to their advance technology and weaponry, they can turn any legion of war-hardened enemies to a bunch of crybaby wussies, whether on the ground or fleet combat in the stars. They are never to be taken lightly, and angering one is not the wisest things for any creature, whether human or not. As a matter of fact, someone doing so would be slain where they stand the second before they even get the chance to flee. And they always demand respect from everything around them. Truly, they are one of the feared alien species in the entire universe, not because they're scary-looking, but because they're so difficult to fight against it's just plain scary (unless a Spartan is around, the only thing that can take on an Elite, and win).

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