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That means you. Yes you. Don't try to fool me, I know what you're thinking, so don't even try it

Boy, oh boy! What a fine day to sit outside and do nothing but read my book. And after that, I'll do some work around the yard. Then maybe practice my yoga. Who knows what else could be accomplished! Nothing can ruin this day, as long as everybody would Keep Off My Grass.

edit Let the day begin with some reading

Now let's see if I got everything I need for today: cozy patio chair, check; three-hundred page book, check; glass of ice cold lemonade, check; and finally bug spray, check. Great, I've got everything I need. Time to sit back, relax, and read. Wow, this book is so good; it's full of suspense and mystery. I can't wait for the climax scene, which should be coming up in this chapter... um, what is that guy doing?

He's stepping in my grass! He's not even close to the side walk, he's like 3 feet away from it.

*runs up to the man*

Um, excuse me sir. Sorry to disturb you while you're walking, but you're stepping in my grass. Yes, I know it's just grass, but I don't like it when people walk on my grass. Why, you ask? Well you see here, I work very hard on my yard, spending hours mowing it, weeding it, fertilizing it to keep it from turning brown. And you can see that I have a very large yard, and you can imagine how much work I have to put into it to keep it up to code. And it seriously bothers me when somebody messes it up, ruining all the work I put into it. So, do you understand. Great! I accept your apology, no hard feelings. You have a good day too!

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