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Jeff's horrifying face is the last thing that his victims will ever see before he puts them to sleep. Not a very pleasant sight either.

“Shhh. Just go to sleep.”
~ Jeff to to his next victim.

Jeff the Killer, or just simply Jeff, is an insane disfigured serial killer who has been the subject of many internet stories. He is not to be confused with Jeffrey Dahmer, who died on November 28, 1994. Police have yet to catch this evasive killer, and despite many attempts to capture him by both local police and the FBI, Jeff remains at large. The only evidence of the killer is a picture of his hidiously disfigured face that was taken by a survivor. Hismost notable phrase is, "Go to Sleep" which is the last thing his victims hear before they fall into enternal slumber.

edit Is Jeff Real or Not?

Yes, unfortunately he is very real. There was a news paper articale about a boy whom survived a deadly encounter with Jeff.

edit Description

edit Early Life

The new kid in a neighborhood. Jeff and his brother were bullyed. Jeff was a good kid until those bullies made him go insane. The last encounter he had with the bullies he snapped and killed all but one bully. During his last fight with them, he was burnt by a mixture of vodka, bleach, and of course fire. He had spent weeks probly months in the hospital. After the doctor removed the cast, Jeffs family was horrified. Not Jeff though, he loved his new face. That very night his mother caught him cutting a smile into his face. He explained that he always wanted to smile. He also explained to her why he burned his eyelids off as well. Just so he could always see his "beautiful" face. He then killed his family that same night.

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