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So you don't want to go to sleep tonight, eh? You want to stay up all night and have fun playing Skyrim or jacking off to porn, eh? Or you want to hang with your friends after dark, eh? Yet you're worried about getting sleepy, eh?

Not a problem! This HowTo is just for you![1] Trust me, it works like a charm, or my name is Elmer Fudd. Many people who like staying up a night recommend it. It's that simple! Just follow the instrutions, and you'll be up doing all those pointless fabulous things while you should be studying for your math test tomorrow, slacker!!

edit Option One: Drink Coffee!

edit Option Two:

edit Option Three: Just stare at these things.... AAAAAAAAA!



edit And there you go

Now you won't worry about falling asleep tonight. You're very welcome, have a nice night!

  1. Hey, I just rhymed! I'm a poet and I don't even know it!

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