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These are characters I use in my articles. I like to use hem in my article to state out stuff such as in Using Jokes Properly, used in UnBooks like UnBooks:In Search of the Lost Whatchamacallit or cause events such as in UnNews: Cow invasion turns out to be a hoax and UnNews:Evil Santa Clause Captured. They can be founded in my templates too, such as my pee review template.

edit Major Characters

edit Johny Buttblast

Johny Buttblast is a character who likes to cause trouble on Uncyclopedia. He's responsible for the Cow invasion hoax. You'll probally see more of him in later articles.


edit Evil Santa Clause

A deranged, evil, hostile, anti-jolly, mass murderer False Santa Claus who enjoys killing young children with deadly presents, destroying Christmas decorations, and singing Chistmas songs in an evil fashion. He's currently in jail...... for now.


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