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Caboose (actual name Michael J. Caboose) is a guy who's mind is in a different world. He is considered the most stupidist person in the entire universe. He is one of the stars in Red vs Blue and is considered the most famous person on the show.


Here is the almighty, stupid Caboose.

edit Early Life

Caboose was born with 17 sisters, so most of his childhood he had to were girl clothing because his parents spend so much time in the girls clothe section, they were too tired to head to the boy's section. He didn't really mind, and actually like being at the girls table at school. He was quite dimwitted at the time. He wanted to attend college, but accidently joined the military. At first he was a janitor, cleaning up the toilets, but was change to a private after painting a toilet pink.

edit Red Vs Blue

Caboose again

Hey look, its Caboose, again! Yay, Caboose

After graduating from miliary school (don't ask how), he was assigned to Blood Gultch, were he met Church (the guy in the teal armor who's very cranky) and Tucker(the guy in the cobalt armor). He began annoying the crap out of the to and accidently called Church's girlfriend a slut. When Grif and Simmons from Red Base, attacked Church and Tucker, Caboose came in with a tank, who's A.I. is named Shelia and he scared off the red team, but accidently killed Church and almost died himself when Sarge, leader of red base, fired bombs which desroyed the tank. He and Tucker both called for back up and a freelancer, who appeared to be a guy, but is actually a chick name Tex. After she was captured, he, Tucker, and Church (who is a Ghost) manage to rescue her. After Tex fixed the tank, she attacked the Red base, but her evil A.I., O Malley, who knew she would be killed, enter Caboose's body before Donut (a guy in pink armor, ha ha) threw a grenade that kills Tex. After a while he was controlled by Omalley until CHurch and tex knocked him out of his body, but with a horrible consequince: He became more stupider. Know he is so annoying, Church feel like commiting suicide, even though he's a ghost. Throughout the rest of the series he just stands around acting stupid and blaming Tucker on everything.

edit hi peeple

Note: This was section was written by Caboose himself, so be prepare for very stupid stuff and horrible grammar and spelling.

my name is cabose, and i love kittins. i love evorybody and mie best friend is church, he gets real angry alot. tucker is the ideot of the groop, hoo haz an alien babee as a sun, tex is a gurl, she is verrrie meen, sarge haz a weerd assent, donut haz pink armor on, simons is part ciborg, grif is lazie, oh and omalley is evel. mie gulfrind is a tank tat speeks, named shelia. oohh look a buterflie, i trie eeting a buterflie, but theer not verie buterie

edit For people who did not understand that

My name is Caboose, and I love kittens. I love everybody, and my best friend is Church, he gets real angry alot. Tucker is the idiot of the group, who has a alien as a son, Tex is a girl, she is very mean, Sarge has a weird accent, donut has pink armor on, Simmons is part cyborg, Grif is lazy, oh, and O'Malley is evil. My girlfriend is a tank that speaks, named Shelia. Oohh look, a butterfly, I tried eating a butterfly, but they're not very buttery.

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