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As I have only been registered at Uncyclopedia for a very short time, I am naturally profoundly important. I am rather stupid, and very easily confused, so if I break a rule or tick someone off, I probably thought it was perfectly acceptable (not that that is meant to defend me from retribution in such a situation, I'm just filling up space)... I'm still trying to figure out wth the policies mean, and, as a lazy person, don't want to follow every single link in the policies and help sections. My formatting and use of special stuffs will be atrocious and/or minimal, I expect. I play EverQuest and like pudding. Osh na bosh na biesh na boo...

Also, please do not offer me any kittens, as an upright(i'm actually sitting) vegetarian, I huff only soy kitten substitutes.

(disregard me!: and WTF??? Where can I start a page!!?!!?!?!?!??!!?????????!

so... Eavesdropping well... that's a roundabout method...)

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