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So this is me, or what me looks like in real life.

You may occasionally see me edit via my IP, ██.██.█.███.

About Me

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HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead! HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead! HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead! HeadOn, available at Walgreens.

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Yeah... I'm 14 and in high school. I live in <insert obscure town here>, Tennessee, and I always check back here regularly for my daily digest of humour humor.

Stuff I'm working on

*Game Maker (for Der Unwehr)

Other Stuff

of Der Unwehr
Member of the Order
Welsh lady Alright, boyo?
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This means that you're entitled to a free slice of laver pizza
from Lloydios, the greatest pizzeria in all of Caernarfon.
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Now go play in traffic.
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Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...


Obama the Flyswatting Specialist.

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