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The novel Ironfist/UnBooks:The Pink Dress is also available in paperback.

edit Chapter 1: Mall Life

Pink Dress had lived in the mall all his life. He was always in display window of "Murdocs Dresses". Oh how I wish that I could be worn on a body, draped over some human like a protective drapery, but alas, I am only for display, thought Pink Dress. As his fabricky depression set in he heard a snicker from the other display window.

"Having problems Pinky?"

"Listen Yellow Dress, I am seriously depressed! I would appreciate it if you let me wallow in my misery."

"Oh so now you're an emo cloth?" Yellow Dress Rudely remarked.

"Yo guys, seriously why do you always have to fight?" Interjected Right Black Shoe.

"I agree... mate!" Shouted Brown Leather Hat.

Pink Dressed sighed. Everyday was like this, hopefully his stylish savior would come soon.

edit Chapter 2: Pink's Plea

Pink Dress's chance to escape came the very next day. A woman entered "Murdocs Dresses" who's eyes immediately jumped to Pink Dress. She strolled in a very casual fashion to Pink Dress. Oh my, thought Pink Dress, this might finally be my chance! Suddenly the woman turned around to look at yellow dress.

"Oh, that's just darling" she exclaimed as she strolled over to Yellow Dress. " It's just so wearable"

"Oh no" Said Pink Dress in a distressed tone, "Oh no, oh no, oh no!"

Suddenly Brown Hat emitted a yawn. In a very tired voice he asked "what's going on, mate?"

"That woman" Pink Dress exclaimed exasperatedly, " she was going to take me, but now she's going to take, him." Pink Dress pointed to Yellow Dress.

"Oh don't be such a whiny bitch" Yellow Dress yelled.

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