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edit Zim Jr.

When Zim married a goth/ emo girl as a Public-relations stunt, She gave birth to a horrible mutant called Zim Jr. Although she told him he was green because of a skin condition (bullshit), He tends to rant about Irken Surperiority. ("how the hell did you know your father was an alien?" "I didn't...")

edit Shmee Membrane

When Dib Membrane went to a mcdonald's and ordered a double fatass burger, extra bacon and mayonaise, hold the veggies, he met Invader Zee (she was the cashier), and dragged her home to report her to the CIA. Somehow, the INS got involved (believing she was a deformed canadian with... you guessed it, a skin condition!), and since they juged her as an illegal immigrant, she had to marry an American to stay in the country. Dib had the misfortune of marrying her, and ended taking her to guam so nobody would notice she was an alien. There, they settled down, had a mutant spawn named Shmee, and started a monkey farm. Until one day, when Zee put a loaded pistol in the microwave thinking it was a burrito, they died and custody of shmee was transferred to Dib's mentally unstable uncle Dale. Shmee generally resembles her mother, but has grey skin and hair in place of antenna.
File:Zee's spawn

edit Skutch's spawn

Since invader Skutch tends to rape people all the time, he does have several spawn. At least one of them is part human because one has been seen in the hybrids department of the MIB.

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